Two stu­dents try out the new driving range in Hayden park. Bridget Breckler | Col­legian

Only a cross-country and mountain bike resource five years ago, Hayden Park now hosts activ­ities from vol­leyball to disc golf, and more are on the way.

This year, new addi­tions greet stu­dents, whether they are seeking an adventure or a catharsis from study. Hayden’s golf driving range now self-dis­penses golf balls. Brad Kocher, the director of recre­ational sports and ath­letic facil­ities, said the golf machine should dis­pense balls with the swipe of a student ID. For now, however, players can exchange their IDs at the front desk in the student union and receive tokens. One token equals 42 neon balls.

Another change is the disc golf, a game which shares its basics with golf, but is played with a disc. The course was designed by Hillsdale 2012 alumnus Mike Blan­chard and for those inter­ested, a disc golf tour­nament will be held Sept. 23. The only requirement is signing up in the Grewcock Student Union.

Two 100-yard grass fields and a smaller practice field are being installed to the east of Hayden Park’s club­house. Coach Bill Lundberg, the Hayden Park fitness director of the park, explained that the plot for the fields has already been raised three feet in the lev­elling process. He hopes that the fields can be used for club sports, a wish sec­onded by the director of Campus Rec, Mar­garet Odell.

Odell explained that the fields will serve the intra­mural teams, such as flag football and soccer. There is even the hope that the rugby team, which petered out a couple of years ago, will revive now that there is more field space.

“As someone ded­i­cated to getting kids out and active, I think Hayden Park will help tan­gibly with that,” Odell stated. According to her, the park has helped Campus Rec grow into a larger presence on the Hillsdale campus.

This year’s updates are only a con­tin­u­ation of the improvement of Hayden Park. Odell, whose older sib­lings attended Hillsdale, men­tioned that they did not go to the park.

“There’s def­i­nitely been changes,” she said. “For the size of our school, the amenities we have are top-notch, or becoming top-notch.”

Emma McCormick, a junior who started the Outdoor Adven­tures club, stated likewise: “The longer I’ve been at Hillsdale, the more I’ve come to realize and appre­ciate the oppor­tu­nities Hayden Park has to offer.”