Students in Gallo-Zing rehearse their Mock Rock routine. Regan Meyer | Collegian

Homecoming week at Hillsdale College is jam-packed with activities. None are more anticipated than Mock Rock.

A staple of Hillsdale homecoming week, Mock Rock boasts high energy, stunt-filled dances that bring dorm rivalries to a head. On Saturday, Sept. 30, students will fill the Roche Sports Complex to both compete in and watch the storied competition. Residents of the back-to-back reigning champion Simpson Hall hope to continue their two-year winning streak and believe it’s really the other dorms and clubs that keep them at the top of their A-game, according to Zach Stone, a head resident assistant in Simpson.

“The other groups are so good”, Stone said. “They make us have to be bigger and better. Competition gets so much better every year.”

Stone hopes to beat that better competition by practicing almost every night for two weeks and by gaining loyal commitment from Simpson’s participants.  

“We ask that the people who want to participate commit 100 percent,” Stone said. “Guys have to buy in and commit.”

Mauckoodfeldt– made up of Mauck Hall, Koon Residence, and Niedfelt Residence– has also been practicing every night for the past couple weeks.

“We’re just having a lot of fun dancing,” said senior Reuben Blake, Koon’s head RA.

Women of McIntyre practice their choreography. Regan Meyer | Collegian

After Mauckoodfeldt and Simpson, commitment varies from group to group. Gallo-Zing– Galloway Hall and Benzing Residence– rehearses about three to four times a week. McIntyre Hall started out Mock Rock prep with sporadic practices, but has bumped rehearsals up to every night during Homecoming Week, and Olds Residence practices three or four times a week. No matter the level of commitment or number of rehearsals, the RAs agree on one thing: Mock Rock 2017 is going to be quite the event.

“Our goal is to give a really great show,” said Avery Helms, a resident of Galloway. “We’ve got a lot of surprising elements. It’s not really conventional Mock Rock, per se. It’s a lot more fun and upbeat than many other Mock Rock [routines] will be.”

While most dorms aren’t focused on crushing Simpson’s two-year win streak, that goal certainly isn’t far from anyone’s mind.  

“Our aim is to have fun, whether we destroy Simpson or not,” said sophomore Rowan Macwan, an RA in Galloway. “That is to say, whether we destroy Simpson or we just beat them by a large margin. Our primary purpose is to have fun. After all, we’re here to pursue truth, defend liberty, and pursue fun.”

McIntyre’s Mock Rock goals seem to mirror those of Gallo-Zing, according to McIntyre RA and choreographer Sarah Garfinkle.

“Other than to absolutely demolish Simpson, the goal of our Mock Rock is to have fun, challenge ourselves, and hopefully surprise and delight our audience,” Garfinkle said.