Emma Carville and friends at Chop Point Camp (Courtesy)

Three Hillsdale stu­dents ded­i­cated their summers to serving others and growing in their faith.

Senior Emma Carville has visited Chop Point Camp in her home state of Maine nearly every summer since she was eight years old. She began as a camper, returned later as an intern, and even­tually, became a coun­selor. This summer, Carville worked as a coun­selor coor­di­nator and was respon­sible for helping younger girls.

Carville said she found it rewarding to see the effects that her deci­sions had on the campers, as she was once in their shoes.

This camp has been fun­da­mental to Carville’s faith. She said she con­siders it to be the entire reason she is a Christian today, as all of the spir­itual leaders in her life have been at Chop Point Camp.

“It’s two to three months of investing in kids and helping them grow in their rela­tionship with God, as well as growing in my own rela­tionship with him,” Carville said. “I learned a lot about how we’re called to love one another and be dis­ciples. I’m able to carry the skills I learn at camp into my life all year round at Hillsdale, too.”

Carville said that the skills she’s gained from working in lead­ership roles and with kids will benefit her in her future medical career. She strongly rec­om­mends summer camp coun­seling, no matter what someone is studying.

Two of Carville’s friends and fellow Hillsdale stu­dents, seniors Lauren Melcher and Claudia Sladick, also worked at Chop Point this summer and both had pos­itive expe­ri­ences.

Although Carville is not cur­rently planning to return to Chop Point, she said she sus­pects that she will be back, adding that she somehow winds up there each summer.

Ethan Greb worked for the summer camp Team Effort. (Courtesy)

Junior Ethan Greb spent his summer working with Team Effort, an inter-denom­i­na­tional Christian camp in Blue Ridge, Georgia. His job as a coun­selor involved leading projects for dif­ferent youth groups each week, leading chapel, and acting as a mentor for the campers.

Greb lives in Michigan but learned of the job oppor­tunity through Shelby Nies ‘17 who worked there two summers ago and rec­om­mended the oppor­tunity.

“The door opened for this and so I took it,” Greb said. “Last year, I was looking for any kind of min­istry internship or job for the summer, whether it be with a church or a camp, because that’s what I want to do long-term.”

Greb said that God helped him grow in a lot of ways this summer, as he learned lessons in patience, pri­or­i­tizing, and putting others needs before his own. Despite these chal­lenges, he said that being a summer camp coun­selor is a ful­filling expe­rience.

Going forward, Greb hopes com­plete more mis­sions work overseas on a one or two month-long mission trip. Nonetheless, he said that he would go back to working at the camp if that’s where he felt he needed to be.

Sam Phillips at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland (Facebook)

Senior Sam Phillips worked in Ireland this summer for the Mission of the World, a mis­sionary branch of the Pres­by­terian Church of America.

He said that he believes he has a calling to serve and has thought so for a while. He chose to go to Ireland because he could help out there without being a burden on a church. Addi­tionally, he said that Ireland needs mis­sionary help, but doesn’t require the use of a trans­lator. Phillips said he was com­fortable there without relying too much on the church.

“I wanted to be able to serve the church as much as it would serve with me,” Phillips said.

He spent time facil­i­tating out­reach min­istry, teaching and attending Bible studies, and leading youth groups. Phillips said he loved serving the church there while learning valuable lessons in humility and faith­fulness, adding that Ireland was a beau­tiful place to be. He said that it was also a good con­fir­mation that he should pursue min­istry, which was one of his main pur­poses in going.

To stu­dents who are con­sid­ering going on a mission trip, Phillips said that the moti­vation shouldn’t come from an appealing location, but should be God calling them to the mission. He had expe­rience from his home church before going on the mission, and he rec­om­mended beginning working at one’s own church before going some­where else.

Phillips hopes to go to Uganda in the future and said that he trusts God to prepare him for that next mission.