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Student Federation approved two amendments, allocating funds to the Alexander Hamilton Society and Lighthouse clubs for future events at its Sept. 21 meeting.  

The Alexander Hamilton Society promotes discussion of principles of foreign policy around campus, holding weekly lunch discussions. The group requested $1,000 to fund future events and refreshments at their weekly foreign policy lunch discussions.

The federation approved a loan of $750, provided the Alexander Hamilton Society return the money after its national organization reimburses the club. Of that money, $500 is meant for special events, while $250 is for weekly meetings.

“I see a gap at Hillsdale as far as education and discussion about present-day global affairs goes, and I am very encouraged that the Student Federation is helping the Alexander Hamilton Society in our efforts to fill that gap,” said junior Pearce Pomerleau, president of Hillsdale’s chapter of Alexander Hamilton Society. “As our chapter of AHS grows, I am excited to see the fine minds of Hillsdale College examine the international issues of the day through the lens of the incredible educations they receive here.”

Although the club does have a national, parent organization, its events were only reimbursed after the fact. This meant the club had to pay with funds out of its own pocket until they were reimbursed. Instead of paying directly from the club, the Alexander Hamilton Society asked for a loan to cover these events.

The Federation also nominated and elected non-member Austin Mock to serve as Sergeant in Arms. According to the federation’s bylaws, duties include, “assisting the Secretary with paperwork, room organization, and general efficiency of meetings.”

The club approved the allocation of $1,000 to Lighthouse, a club on campus dedicated to spreading awareness and removing the stigma of mental illness.

The money will fund an event featuring Eric Hipple, former quarterback for the Detroit Lions, who attempted suicide in 1998. He will speak about “Tackling Mental Health” on campus Sept. 28.

The federation approved this disbursement provided that any profits the club makes are either returned to the federation or donated to charities.

“We’re thrilled about this, absolutely thrilled,” said senior Taylor Hannel, Lighthouse president. “This is going to be a great event, it will really draw a lot of people in. Getting this funding is really key.”

The federation approved funds for Lighthouse, considering the great importance of mental illness awareness as well as the past success of previous events hosted by the club.

“The Lighthouse event will be incredibly popular,” junior and financial committee member Adam Cieply said. “Last year Lighthouse did something with mental health and there were maybe 300 to 400 people who attended. This year, it’s going to be even more helpful because it has become an ever increasing and noticeable issue on campus.”

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    —removing the stigma of mental illness

    From where?

    From your mind? That is a task for you alone. (You can do it.)