Two eagle busts are glued to the mantel of the fire­place in the Grewcock Student Union. / Jo Kroeker

Hillsdale College boasted in a tweet last year that there are more than 40 statues of eagles on campus, 27 of them lurking in the dim light of the Her­itage Room. And it looks as if two more have come to roost in the Grewcock Student Union on the mantle above the fire­place. Two new statues depicting eagle heads preparing for a fero­cious caw now flank the fire­place chimney.

“They had been sitting in the Bon Appetit office for four years, and they really wanted to get rid of them,” said Hank Prim, assistant director of the Student Activ­ities Office and director of res­i­dence life. “Kelsey [Lantis] placed them on the mantle. They look really nice.”

Each tour given to prospective stu­dents at the college inevitably leads to the Her­itage Room, where the men­acing birds peer down from the shadowy corners.

“It is somewhat egre­gious how many eagles are in the Her­itage Room, but it is one quirk that makes Hillsdale what it is,” junior Hannah Socolofsky said.

Other stu­dents believe that the bird can be seen as a symbol for the college.

“I have been told that Hillsdale is the most patriotic school in America and the eagles match that idea,” freshman Spencer Rothfuss said. “As a dec­o­ration they rep­resent the college well.”