Two Hillsdale stu­dents are serving up a new oppor­tunity for their class­mates.

Sopho­mores Jillian Riegle and Zane Mabry are leading the revived Hillsdale College Tennis Club after a suc­cessful recruiting session at The Source, col­lecting more than 20 sign ups from stu­dents who are inter­ested in con­tinuing to play com­pet­itive tennis in college.

“We both played in high school, but when we got here, the varsity teams weren’t really an option, but we wanted to keep playing.” said Mabry, the club’s pres­ident.

The club has existed in the past but was dis­con­tinued a few years ago. After asking about it at The Source his freshman year, Mabry was encouraged by Director of Recre­ational Sports Brad Kocher to bring club tennis back to campus. In the initial meeting with Kocher, Mabry learned that Riegle, who is serving as vice pres­ident, was also looking into restarting club tennis.

For­tu­nately for Mabry and Riegle, there was already an account set aside for funding the club.

“The framework is already there, we just have to start it back up again,” Mabry said.

Kocher will serve as the club’s advisor and will con­tinue to help Mabry and Riegle get the club up and running.

Riegle said she has high hopes for the club. She added that she would even­tually like to see the team play com­pet­itive matches against clubs from other schools.

“This year, we might be playing a mix of both other teams and having matches between people on our own team,” Riegle said. “I think if we could get to a point where we could hold our own against other schools, that would be awesome.”

For stu­dents with a passion for the game, this is an out­standing oppor­tunity.

“My goal is to get in some com­pet­itive tennis and forge friend­ships,” sophomore Quinn Crago said. “I started out playing tennis with my dad and going to tennis camps when I was 4, and I con­tinued on until high school.”

The club will give stu­dents the oppor­tunity to compete in singles and doubles matches, and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 – 8 p.m. at the Mary Jane Delp Tennis Courts. In the future, matches with other schools will be orga­nized by Mabry and Riegle.

For now, members of the club simply look forward to playing the game that they love.

“I love playing com­pet­itive tennis and improving my skills on the court when it matters,” Crago said.

Anybody that wishes to get involved with the club should contact Mabry at or Riegle at for more infor­mation.