The Health and Wellness Center. Allison Schuster | Collegian

The Hillsdale College Health and Wellness Center is searching for someone new to fill the role of their former massage therapist.

Rebecca Metroff ‘17, former massage therapist of three years left the health center in early August. She is now doing medical billing and coding in downtown Hillsdale.

According to Carol Drews, nurse, massage therapy helps with benefits such as muscle relaxation, increase in blood flow, and, most commonly, stress relief.

Drews said both students and faculty would come to see Metroff. Some students have already contacted the health center, inquiring about the lack of massage services. Drews has referred them to a chiropractor with a massage therapist in Hillsdale for the time being.

“As someone with chronic iliotibial band syndrome, I looked forward to having a licensed massage therapist available on campus,” freshman Julia Powell said. “It affects the mental well-being of both myself and all other students on campus.”

Although no on campus massage services will likely be available this semester, Director of Health Services Brock Lutz said he will be contacting a few people in the next couple of weeks to see if they are interested in a position as the new massage therapist.

Lutz said finding a new massage therapist isn’t considered a priority at the moment.

“Just looking back on the last couple of years, it’s not a service that students and staff have used as much as we thought they would,” Lutz said. “So we’re thinking about taking a step back this semester.”