Hillsdale’s first and only candy store had its grand opening on Saturday.

Candy. Abby Liebing

Located at 4 S. Howell St., Small Town Sweet Bou­tique was crowded with people looking at the wide candy selection, enjoying the brightly colored displays.

“They were lined out the door at 10 a.m.,” store owner Danielle Brock said.“They were trying to get in at 9:30 a.m. We were just back here working back here and all of a sudden we look and there’s like a line going down either side of the street.”

The grey and bright blue walls were lined with candy, choco­lates, and a drink cooler that held sodas called “Spazz Juice,” that read “drink this and feel less sucky…for an ener­getic freakout that will bother everyone.”

“Sweet Party” was spelled out with gummy worms, peeps, and candy buttons on a bright yellow wall in what will be the store’s party room. This room held table and chairs where guests enjoyed their cup­cakes and candy while playing “Bean Boozled,” a game in which players spun a wheel to receive a fla­vored jellybean. Every color of jelly bean rep­re­sented two dif­ferent flavors — one good and one bad. Brown jelly beans could be chocolate fla­vored, or they could taste like dog food. Blue jelly beans could taste like fruit or toothpaste.

In front of the cash reg­isters a long line of people waited to pur­chase their candy. The line was almost out the door, but people didn’t seem to mind the wait.

“It’s been busy but everybody has been kind, everybody’s been patient.” Brock said. “They don’t mind the line.”

As excited new cus­tomers con­tinued to walk into the Sweet Bou­tique, the line got longer. It was busy, but children and adults alike con­tinued to smile.

“Everybody was like, ‘We’re going to be back next week.’” Brock said.