Many students avoid seeing movies in the theater because, let’s face it: Watching them at home on Netflix is a whole lot cheaper. But there’s another cost-effective route for those who want to see a variety of movies without breaking their pocketbook.

A program accepted at Hillsdale’s Premiere Theatre allows students to avoid the high cost of theater attendance: With MoviePass, you can see up to a movie a day for only $10 a month.

At Premiere Theatre, a matinee costs $6, so even if you only see two movies a month, you save money with MoviePass.

“This is a great way to stay current on movies,” senior Noah Weinrich, who has taken advantage of MoviePass, said in an email. “I would definitely recommend it. So far it’s very straightforward and works with all the theaters near Hillsdale. I generally see maybe a movie a month, but with this service I’ll probably see at least two or three every month.”

Weinrich said the first movie he plans to see this semester is “It,” which he has been anticipating for months. MoviePass subscribers’ choices are limited only by what movies the local theater is showing at any given time.

When you sign up for a subscription, you receive your MoviePass card. An app on your phone lets you choose what movie you want to see and what time you want to go. Then, when you show up to the box office or kiosk, your card allows you to see your movie. Too bad MoviePass doesn’t offer discounts for the popcorn.