About 100 Hillsdale County res­i­dents will gather at the Elks Lodge on Sat­urday to reap the ben­efits of a month-long local effort to benefit the com­munity.

The Elks Lodge. Courtesy

At a lun­cheon, the Hillsdale Elks Lodge will grant $1,000 to the Hillsdale Sal­vation Army and dis­tribute canned goods col­lected from a month-long food drive. Enough for 5,500 pounds of food, the donation will cover two months’ worth of expenses for the organization’s food pantry, said Kathy Stump, office manager of the Sal­vation Army. The pantry serves about 20 fam­ilies a week, Stump said — more than 150 fam­ilies in two months.

“We’re thrilled that they have selected the Sal­vation Army to be a recipient of a $1,000 grant,” Stump said. “This will def­i­nitely help a lot.”

Seventy-five people asked for tickets for the lun­cheon on Sat­urday, said Stump, who gave the tickets to clients of the Sal­vation Army’s com­munity lunch program, food pantry, and fresh-food ini­tiative. Attendees will receive the canned goods from the drive at the lun­cheon.

The grant came from the Elks National Foun­dation, which gave $1,500 to the Hillsdale Elks Lodge in honor of the foundation’s 150th anniversary, said Abbey Bauerly, sec­retary of the Hillsdale lodge.

Several local busi­nesses are helping with the canned-food drive, including Frank Beck Chevrolet, St. Peter’s Free Clinic, and Hillsdale Market House.

Market House, which expects to collect as much as two semi-trucks’ worth of food in its own annual canned-food drive on Sat­urday, will donate about $100 of that canned food to the Sal­vation Army, store manager Mike Phillips said.

“It’s a nice way to be able to support the com­munity,” Phillips said.

David Beck, sales manager for Frank Beck Chevrolet, said the car dealer has col­lected about 200 items so far.

“The Sal­vation Army does so many great things for indi­viduals and fam­ilies within Hillsdale County, it’s great to partner with them,” Beck said in an email. “These ser­vices have a huge impact on the Hillsdale com­munity. There are indi­viduals and fam­ilies in need, and we, as com­munity sup­porters, need to assist in this process.”