When Jonesville High School chal­lenged the Hillsdale Cottage Inn Pizza to deliver more than 150 pizzas to six public schools in less than an hour in 2016, Cottage Inn delivered.

The Hillsdale Cottage Inn Pizza. Facebook.

Prompted by Bob Drake, a guidance coun­selor at Jonesville High School, Cottage Inn Pizza delivered 156 pizzas to six schools in less than an hour on the school’s college Decision Day. This year, however, Cottage Inn only brought 50 pizzas to high-schoolers at Hillsdale High School for 2017’s decision day, due to con­flicting high school schedules.

Despite the lower delivery rate this year, the event took extensive planning, including deter­mining what time each pizza would go in the oven and how much staff would be needed to keep the restaurant open while the pizzas were being delivered.

“It was crazy but absolutely the best day ever,” Olm­stead said.

‘Decision Day’ is a tra­dition at the public schools in the area that invites stu­dents and their parents to com­mem­orate their future plans.

“We cel­e­brate every student’s decision whether it’s college, trade school, mil­itary, or employment,” said Drake.

Stu­dents at Hillsdale High School, Jonesville High School, Litch­field High School, Pittsford High School, North Adams-Jerome and Waldron High School enjoyed the results of Cottage Inn’s planning.

“Some of the schools were outside our delivery zone and many of the lunch times were the same at the high schools,” Olm­stead said. “Because we have a double oven, making the pizzas was not the problem. Coor­di­nating how we would deliver the pizzas was the chal­lenge.”

After pur­chasing Cottage Inn Pizza three years ago, Olm­stead knew she wanted to support the Hillsdale com­munity.

“We are so happy to re-establish roots in the com­munity,” she said.

In  the past, Cottage Inn has helped local churches and orga­ni­za­tions fundraise for mission trips as well as com­munity endeavors.

Olm­stead said she is hopeful that the high schools in the area will coor­dinate their Decision Days in the future so Cottage Inn can con­tinue their pizza delivery tra­dition.