Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain | Courtesy


An appointee from the admin­is­tration of former Pres­ident Ronald Reagan, Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain, is coming to Hillsdale to speak on Thursday.

O’Scannlain is a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, specif­i­cally pre­siding over the chambers in Portland, Oregon. O’Scannlain was appointed in 1986 and has written hun­dreds of opinions, most notably on con­sti­tu­tional and inter­na­tional law. His Thursday talk is titled “Neither Force nor Will: The Politi­cization of the Judicial Branch” and will be held at 8 p.m. in Phillips Audi­torium. O’Scannlain is also cur­rently teaching a weeklong seminar on campus on Con­sti­tu­tional inter­pre­tation.

“As many pro­fessors here are fond of saying, college is a part­nership” Assistant to the Pres­ident Jaclyn Case said in an email. “We all learn from one another, and when we bring in speakers from outside the college we have the oppor­tunity to gain more knowledge and a new per­spective. When those indi­viduals have a long track record of sound thinking and good expe­rience, there is wisdom to be found from talking with them.”

Several stu­dents said they are looking forward to attending the speech.

“The judicial branch has long been the branch of our gov­ernment that is most resistant to political med­dling,” freshman Max Troyke said. “I look forward to hearing Judge O’Scannlain speak on the dis­turbing trends of recent years and how we can poten­tially reverse them.”

Another student expressed similar feelings.

“I am excited for this oppor­tunity to hear a political per­spective from an alternate source, espe­cially one with the expe­rience and knowledge of Judge O’Scannlain,” freshman Matt Pfeifer said. “I look forward to this enlight­ening speech on some of the quin­tes­sential aspects of our gov­ernment, those that cannot be over­looked.”