Hillsdale City Clerk Stephen French was placed on unpaid admin­is­trative leave Monday for vio­lating the city’s social media policy.

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City Manager David Mackie said French sent an “inap­pro­priate” email to a Hillsdale County res­ident.

Mackie said this was the first time the city has enforced its social media policy, which states city employees can’t “dis­crim­inate or harass res­i­dents while in office” and that they must “maintain the city’s rep­u­tation” both on and offline.

The res­ident — iden­tified on social media as Marcy Almay — was active in voicing crit­i­cisms of French, setting up Facebook pages for that purpose.

In his email to Almay, French ref­er­enced an alleged arrest of Almay’s in 2014.

French sent the email after Almay allegedly cir­cu­lated a story about his past. In 2009, according to MLive, French was arrested in Ohio for solic­iting a pros­titute and han­dling a firearm while intox­i­cated.

“My friends called and told me you sent an email. Just wanted you to know anyone can cut and paste,” French said in the email, implying he would spread infor­mation about Almay.

French could not be reached for comment. Mackie said French is scheduled to return to work on Thursday.

“Most employees and elected offi­cials abide by common-sense rules,” Mackie said. “This was an example when an employee didn’t keep himself in check. Stephen was aware of the vio­lation. He felt like he was repeatedly attacked, and he fell victim to responding in an inap­pro­priate manner.”

Mackie said he hopes this incident proves to be an example of how influ­ential social media can be.

“We felt this needed to be addressed,” he said. “But we hope we won’t have to address it again in the future.”

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