MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER – MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER, played by CAPTAIN AMERICA’S HAYLEY ATWELL follows the cliffhanger adventures of a post-WW2 era super-spy who has to hide her activities from everyone she knows, including her superiors. (Marvel/Katrin Marchinowski)


The Agent Carter Club came to campus this fall semester with loads of posters, an energetic founder, and plenty of high-stakes action.

Created by sophomore Mayim Stith, the Agent Carter Club meets once a week to watch and discuss the Marvel TV series, “Agent Carter.” Stith started the Agent Carter Club as a way to not only introduce students to the show, but to also start a dialogue surrounding the show and the historical context from which it stems.  

“It’s a rare piece of Marvel,” Stith said. “I’ve wanted more people to see it once it went off the air. Agent Carter is 100 times cooler in her own show.”

Following the life of Agent Peggy Carter, the series picks up where “Captain America: The First Avenger” left off. With World War II over, Agent Carter sees her job as a prolific federal agent fade. Instead of fighting Hydra and saving the world, Carter is stuck behind a desk in an office working more as a secretary than a secret agent.

“[The Strategic Scientific Reserve] underestimates her as a woman and she uses that to get [things] done,” explains Stith.  “People who like James Bond for the right reason, this is your type of thing.”

Sophomore Isaiah Scheur agrees with Stith and believes “Agent Carter” can create positive dialogue on and around campus.

“‘Agent Carter’ is a show in which strong female characters work in tandem with strong male characters,” Scheur said. “I believe ‘Agent Carter’ provides a phenomenal example of strong men and women working together and using their own strengths as individuals to overcome adversity.”

Club member and sophomore Jenna Witta looks forward to just watching and enjoying the series.

“Life at Hillsdale can be busy sometimes, and I am looking forward to pausing my week and filling that space with good friends and new Marvel content,” Witta said. “I’m excited to dig into some Marvel history and see plot points filled in and expanded upon.”

For those interested in the Agent Carter Club, text @agentc to 81010.