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The first annual Wombstock music festival will kick off Saturday.

Located on the lawn of a local off-campus house named the Womb, at 36 E Fayette St., the festival plays off the legendary music festival Woodstock, and will feature music from local bands and musicians and those who hail from as far away as Chicago and Iowa.

“There will be a good variety of music—acoustic, electronic, indie pop. We’ll have some original music and some covers,” senior and performer Dean Sinclair said.

Sinclair will perform with August Hotel, his band based in Chicago, as well as Deaf Davey and the Wineboxes, a band made up of many members of Sinclair’s house. The lineup also includes Catherine Coffey ’16, Joel Calvert ’17, Declan James from Dallas, the Chicago-based group Ember Oceans, and Adam Jensen from Iowa.

Doors open at 12:30, and the festival will run from 1 to 7 p.m. The event is free, but promoters of the event have created a GoFundMe campaign and promotional videos to support the event. Proceeds will supplement travel expenses for the musicians.

“We can’t promise all the flower power of Woodstock,” Sinclair said. “But if people want to show up looking like it’s Coachella, that would be all right.”