Hank Prim ’17 is the new assistant director of Student Activ­ities Office and director of res­i­dence life. (Hank Prim | Courtesy)

Grad­u­ation from Hillsdale College often takes stu­dents to dif­ferent parts of the country and the world, but for Hank Prim ’17, com­mencement didn’t take him away from Hillsdale full time.

Seven days after grad­u­ation, Prim started his new posi­tions as the assistant director of the Student Activ­ities Office and director of res­i­dence life, jobs which encap­sulate both his out­going per­son­ality and his own Hillsdale expe­rience.

While at Hillsdale, Prim was a res­ident assistant in Simpson Res­i­dence for three years. In addition, he served as the Pep Band director and par­tic­i­pated in various other groups in the music department. Prim also took on lead­ership roles such as a head res­ident advisor in Simpson and as a student security manager.

Prim said he remembers speaking with a pro­fessor after the Student Lead­ership Workshop leading into his junior year, saying he would love to work in Student Affairs some day. But, he said he thought: “There will never be a job opening during my time, never.”

Two years later, that dream came true.

“The college is so cool, and I think Student Affairs has such a unique element to it,” Prim said. “There is so much more to college than just sitting in a classroom. The rela­tion­ships that you build, the friend­ships that you make, and the expe­ri­ences that you have are some­times just as edu­ca­tional as sitting in a classroom.”

Prim said he loves fos­tering both learning and college com­munity, and he is grateful for the oppor­tunity to do it as a full time job.

Ashlyn Landherr, the director of student activ­ities, has been working with Prim all summer in prepa­ration for the upcoming school year. She said the balance of both of their per­son­al­ities will add to this year’s various student activ­ities, with each of them playing to their strengths.

“We’re really excited to have him on the team,” Landherr said.

Josh Bailey, a junior and Simpson RA, spoke to Prim’s passion for working with res­i­dence life and his ability to throw great parties as well as make great con­nec­tions with people.

“He’s already so con­nected,” Bailey said. “He is a familiar face.”

Junior Andrew Sheard, a fellow Simpson RA, also spoke highly of Prim’s inviting char­acter.

“He is always really inclusive; he hated to see someone left by himself,” Sheard said.

Prim said his rela­tion­ships with the people who are now his bosses has helped him throughout the tran­sition from student to college employee.

“I lived in the dorms for four years, three as an RA, so I have a lot of rela­tion­ships with stu­dents, so some­times now being seen as a staff member is some­times strange,” Prim said. “But I think that plays well to the benefit because I’m still con­nected with the folks on the ground, so to speak. Having those open lines of com­mu­ni­cation I think will be super ben­e­ficial.”

Now that ori­en­tation is over, Prim says he plans to shape an “awesome, common, unified sense of what dorm com­munity means,” under his role as director of res­i­dence life, where he looks forward to working with each of the indi­vidual RA teams.