The Hillsdale County Fair has enter­tained thou­sands of people with big name country con­certs, but this year, the Fair’s head­lining enter­tainment will be taking a new direction.

Instead of bringing in a top artist like they have for the past several years, the Fair will be hosting a monster truck motor­sports event. The decision to set aside the tra­di­tional concert was a hard one, according to Fair manager Mark Williams.

“We just weren’t getting enough support from the com­munity,” Williams said. “We only sold 1,600 tickets to Justin Moore last year, so we actually lost money on the pro­duction.”

Williams said the price for concert tickets has steadily increased over the past few years because the musical acts con­tinue to get more expensive. He said the higher charge and the change of weather con­tribute to locals fore­going the con­certs.

“People hes­itate to buy tickets because of the weather,” said Rod Beach, Director and Chairman of the Fair’s Enter­tainment Com­mittee.

Beach said that unlike the con­certs, the monster truck event will occur, rain or shine.

“It’s more rea­sonable for us to put on,” he said. “Monster trucks can go on during rain or snow or whatever else hits us.”

The event, spon­sored by All Star Motor­sport Pro­duc­tions, will take place on Sept. 24 and will feature four trucks driven by nationally renowned, pro­fes­sional drivers.

Brian Wagner, pres­ident of All Star, said the Hillsdale County Fair is one of 70 shows at which his trucks will be fea­tured. Although this will be All Star’s first event in Hillsdale, Wagner said his team travels more than 100,000 miles across the country throughout the year, bringing their trademark “roar” with them.

“Hillsdale con­tacted us because they wanted the best monster truck enter­tainment, and that’s what we’re here to do,” Wagner said.

Beach said the Hillsdale County Fair hasn’t seen monster trucks in 15 years, and he believes they will draw large crowds.

“It’s the speed, the motor part of it, the noise, the thrill. That’s what people want,” he said.

Future con­certs at the Hillsdale County Fair might still be a reality, however, said Williams. The Fair Board is already revis­iting the idea and is con­sid­ering spon­soring a summer rock ’n’ roll concert.

“I’m a concert guy,” Beach said. “I want to be able to con­tinue that tra­dition in the future.”

In the past, the Fair has brought head­lining artists like Justin Moore and Florida Georgia Line to perform. Williams said he hopes the Fair will be able to even­tually con­tinue that trend.

“This doesn’t mean we won’t have music in the future,” he said. “But we needed to give some­thing else a try.”