The Col­legian was ranked 7th in Princeton Review’s list of best college newspaper.(Photo: Madeline Berry / Hillsdale Col­legian)

The Hillsdale Col­legian has moved its national ranking up from ninth place to seventh place, according to the 2018 Princeton Review rankings.

“The Collegian’s high ranking is a tribute to the hard work and skill of our stu­dents, who pour them­selves into the paper week after week,” said John Miller, director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program.

Hillsdale’s paper beat out pub­li­ca­tions from insti­tu­tions like Fordham Uni­versity, Uni­versity of Vir­ginia, and Uni­versity of Iowa and fin­ished behind schools like Cornell Uni­versity, Ithaca College, and Columbia Uni­versity.

The Col­legian did climb the ranks past the paper from Brown Uni­versity, which beat The Col­legian last year but was No. 8 this year.

“Words cannot express how full my heart is,” former editor-in-chief Thomas Novelly ’17 said. “Every sleepless night, every laugh shared among staff members, and every story we relent­lessly pursued led to this moment. The staff should be incredibly proud.”

Assistant Director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program Maria Servold agreed.

“This award is due totally to the hard work and enthu­siasm of The Col­legian staff. They publish good issues week after week,” she said in an email. “I know they will con­tinue to improve the news­paper as well, with plans to add a new science and tech­nology section and more online content this coming school year.”

The Princeton Review ranked Hillsdale at No. 2 for schools with the most con­ser­v­ative stu­dents, falling behind only Uni­versity of Dallas. Hillsdale also placed No. 4 for Most Reli­gious Stu­dents, No. 3 for Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Rev­o­lution, No. 9 for LGBTQ Un-friendly, and No. 18 for Best-Run Col­leges. The school also broke top ten in the cat­e­gories Pro­fessors Get High Marks, Most Engaged in Com­munity Service, and College City Gets Low Marks.

The Princeton Review mon­itors more than 2,000 schools and chooses 382 to put into its ranking book. These 382 schools are then ranked in over 20 cat­e­gories.

“I think it would be hard to find a school as mission-focused as we are at Hillsdale, and it’s nice to see folks outside of campus rec­ognize what we do here,” said Zack Miller, Senior Director of Admis­sions, in an email. “It’s truly a tes­tament to everyone asso­ciated with the College coming together to pursue the mission.”

  • Ellsworth_Toohey

    Con­grat­u­la­tions to the entire staff and advisers of the Col­legian. Peer awards mean some­thing but what means even more in my eyes is the fact that many of the cit­izens of the City of Hillsdale turn to the Col­legian as their primary source of city news that digs for the answers to the ques­tions.


  • George Gibbs

    Very important cor­rection needed, Col­legian: For “Most Con­ser­v­ative Stu­dents,” Hillsdale was ranked second to Uni­versity of DALLAS (a small liberal arts college), not Uni­versity of TEXAS. Living in Austin, I can assure you firsthand that UT’s student body is def­i­nitely NOT con­ser­v­ative by any real measure. (#1 party school, though.)

  • Marcy Almay

    That’s funny, I need to contact the Princeton Review and let them know how the Collegian’s reporter made an agreement to not print my name in her story, then after getting all the infor­mation she needed, she broke that agreement (written, which I claim con­sti­tuted a con­tractual agreement) thinking it was her right. Jour­nal­istic integrity doesn’t exist at the Col­legian, which is a student news­paper of a reli­gious school that claims virtues they simply don’t follow. I reported Ms. McGhee’s heinous sleazy actions to Mr. Richard Pewe and the PR Agent Emily Stack Davis, and BOTH have yet to get back to me on why they are allowing Hillsdale College to use their paper to play such dis­gusting games with a person when instead, Ms. Mcghee could have just FIOAed the infor­mation herself and not bothered me. French was not PROVOKED, he wrote to me out of the blue after hearing from the IIMC about infor­mation afforded to them on his can­didacy for regional director with that inter­na­tional orga­ni­zation. They likely had NO IDEA he was a con­victed criminal nor of his election impro­pri­eties in Kala­mazoo, and in allowing the press in voting areas to snap photos of people while they’re voting, which is against Michigan law. What should have con­cerned the Col­legian is that I am not a public official, I’m not a public employee, and that David Mackie acting like I was picking on Mr. French, giving him sym­pathy was just another show of how the public doesn’t have free speech rights in the city of Hillsdale Michigan. Instead, the paper seemed to be only con­cerned with who I am, although clearly, I was never Mr. French’s only victim of being attacked from the city offices by him in an effort to stop local crit­icism. It’s very odd to see not just the lack of details in the story but that Ms McGhee lied throughout the ten hours she requested infor­mation from me, and defrauded me of intel­lectual property only to then say the entire paper’s editors decided to break that agreement, only once con­sid­er­ation was given to them. This paper took a STEEP decline in just the couple weeks it’s been back it’s really a shame, but I’l be sure to let the Princeton Review see the screen shots of what a reporter did, perhaps they’ll rethink endorsing such dis­gusting sleazy tactics by the editors and the school If offi­cials don’t like private cit­izens being critical of them? Then they should NOT run for office, should not apply for high public contact jobs, it’s that simple. Appar­ently, the col­legian thinks that they can shut the public up by shaming them and naming them in some witch hunt the Col­legian is now par­tic­i­pating in so happily, but this will be in court before it’s over. Again, I didn’t care who KNEW my name, I just con­di­tioned my par­tic­i­pation in the article upon Ms McGhee agreeing to not print my name, it was the most dis­gusting show of lack of integrity that I’ve seen so far in this area.

    • Marcy Almay

      And PS? Stephen French’s long term “intent” to deprive the local cit­izens of their right of grievance (another civil right) and peaceful assembly and free speech and freedom of expression is well doc­u­mented in his own words back in March 2017. He’s a thug and a bully, nothing more, and claims vic­timhood every time he gets in trouble for what he does, never ONCE has that man taken respon­si­bility for what he does as a public official. So the story written about me just is another spin tactic of cov­ering up for a man who had no business working with the public in the first place being he has a dan­gerous history of using guns drunk and being a criminal. That’s what you guys will be defending in court. HIM and HIS RIGHT to shut people up. The mali­cious actions of the Colleigan to pretend it’s fair fight for a city official to act under the color of the authority of his office to attack a private citizen which is NOT in his job description to do? You endorsed that.