Alumna Gwen­dolyn Hodge

How many wed­dings did you attend this summer?

GH: Six. That’s what happens when you go to a Christian high school and then Hillsdale.


What’s essential to alumni wedding guest outfits?  

GH: Wear shoes that not only look great but also feel great. Be the last girl in her heels dancing the night away.


Sophomore Ritah Ogayo

How did you choose this dress?

RO: You can’t go wrong with florals. The wedding was during the summer — my favorite season in America — and summer is just full of color. It was in the Slayton Arboretum and I wanted to match the location as well as the season


What’s your favorite Kenyan wedding tra­dition?

RO: The dances during the reception, espe­cially the tra­di­tional dances. Kenyans are great dancers.