Student Fed members are inducted. Emily Blatter | Col­legian

Student Fed­er­ation increased its next year’s dis­cre­tionary fund by nearly $7,000 to $45,832.64.

The group unan­i­mously approved its budget for the 2017 – 2018 aca­demic year, during its final meeting of the semester April 20. The dis­cre­tionary fund finances student orga­ni­za­tions for events, trips, and other needs, after funds are ear­marked for campus pub­li­ca­tions, the senior class, student planners, the federation’s oper­ating budget, and a $5,000 emer­gency fund from its $100,000 budget.

The Col­legian will receive $21,533, though the staffing budget decreased sig­nif­i­cantly after editors’ salaries were reduced to a fourth of their current value.

Money allo­cated for printing the Tower Light decreased by $1,000, with the rec­om­men­dation the Tower Light look for a new printing company this summer, reducing its annual budget to $10,700.

The Winona yearbook will receive $21,800 next year, down from $26,500 this year.

Winona Editor-in-Chief junior Anna Eby said the cut will decrease the number of pages in the book and double the price for non-seniors from $5 to $10.

“I’m trying to change a lot of things about how the yearbook runs and operates and do more and new things to get more stu­dents involved, but the funding we’ll be getting from Student Fed is sub­stan­tially less than what the yearbook has received in the past,” Eby said. “I know Student Fed was really pushing to cut the pub­li­ca­tions budgets this year, which I under­stand, but the yearbook took the biggest cuts of all the pub­li­ca­tions.”

Student Fed unan­i­mously voted to set aside $5,440 to use as its oper­ating budget for the upcoming school year.

This includes insurance and Medicare costs, since Student Fed is clas­sified as a college department, Trea­surer sophomore Ross Hatley said.

“It’s a man­dated portion of being a department of the college, and the fed­er­ation needs some sort of pro­tection in case, say, Outdoor Adven­tures Club would expe­rience some sort of damage or harm during one of their events,” Hatley said. “So that’s a pre­ven­tative measure.”

Hatley, however, was able to remove the cost of phone lines hooked up to four com­puters in the Knorr Student Center that Student Fed has funded for the past 17 years.

The sum of money ear­marked to buy planners for the 2018 – 2019 school year was also reduced in next year’s budget, from $5,665 to $3,480, after a survey showed many stu­dents don’t use their planners. Student Fed decided to reduce the number of planners ordered from one per student to roughly 800 total. Every freshman will still receive one. Planners to be dis­tributed this fall have already been ordered.