Hillsdale College admin­is­tration seeks an organ donor for the new chapel. Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Mitch Nae Nae says he hopes the donor has a big heart and a lot to give.

“Once again, the college is in need. We’re just asking for an organ, not an arm or a leg,” Néé said. “Without it, our chapel would not be serving its function. I don’t mean to be dra­matic, but without an organ, our chapel would die.”

Christ Chapel, set to be com­pleted sometime between 2018 and 2024, will not only be Hillsdale’s second building ded­i­cated to reli­gious worship but also its second struggle to find an organ. After com­mis­sioning College Baptist Church in the 1900s, Hillsdale spent weeks on the organ donor list, but every time a donor came up, it wasn’t a good match.

“We were feeling very heart­broken. The donors who offered were very gen­erous, but they just weren’t the right type,” parish­ioner Chief Baw Beese said. “We didn’t think our ser­vices could be filled with life if we didn’t have this vital organ.”

Several months later, however, a former parish­ioner who had named College Baptist in his will passed away from a heart attack, and his organ was installed weeks later.

Architect Stroik N. White said he has left a hole in the back of the chapel in antic­i­pation of a donation. In the meantime, to keep the inside of the chapel clean, he plans to install a vacuum that will suck out dirt and air­borne toxins and pump fresh air into the chapel.

“I’ve designed it to be tem­porary because I know God has a plan for us and have faith that a donor will come through,” White said. “In other words, it’s like a life-support system for the chapel.”