The classic science fiction story won the yearly Mossey Madness chal­lenge, announced Wednesday. | IMDB

While North Car­olina cel­e­brates its win over Gonzaga in the NCAA March Madness bas­ketball tour­nament, Hillsdale’s own March Madness just announced the winners. The winner of this year’s drama- and film-themed Mossey Madness is the original “Star Wars” trilogy, which tri­umphed over “Hamlet” in the cham­pi­onship round. The student bracket winners are senior Noah Diekemper in first place, senior Haley Talk­ington in second, and freshman Josiah Leinbach in third place.

This year’s plays and movies ranged from classic to cult classic. All the con­tes­tants were well-known, and most were cul­tural icons. In the plays, there were famous Shake­speare plays, Ancient Greek tragedies, Oscar Wilde comedies, and more modern plays such as “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Raisin in the Sun,” and “A Man for All Seasons.” The movies ranged from the great classics of “Casablanca” and “12 Angry Men,” to “Shaw­shank Redemption,” Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, and finally cult classics like “The Princess Bride,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Star Wars,” and “E.T.”

The struggle came down to the Final Four with “Hamlet” beating “Death of a Salesman,” and “Star Wars” winning over “To Kill a Mock­ingbird.” Second place winner Talk­ington said she chose Hamlet as her final winner. “I was sur­prised,” Talk­ington said. “It was my first time to play. It’s funny because I work at Jitters, so getting second place means I get money for a place I already get free coffee at. Does anyone want to trade prizes?”

Pro­fessor of English Stephen Smith said he com­forted his Shake­speare class after “Hamlet”’s loss.

“Hamlet has immortal solil­o­quies, sure, but [“Star Wars” has] lightsabers. Beginning middle end,” Smith said. “Besides that, Denmark had no real answer to Chew­bacca. The Gravedigger may be an ‘absolute’ knave, but put that joker up against the galaxy’s favorite wookie? I don’t think so,” Smith said.

Mossey Madness started two years ago, in March of 2015.

“The first year I fea­tured books that were or had been assigned in classes at Hillsdale College. Last year was authors, and this year is plays and movies,” Wade said. Anyone who is affil­iated with Hillsdale College could par­tic­ipate by filling out a bracket.

While the NCAA March Madness was full of upsets, Mossey Madness was calmer.

Wade said there were no major upsets in her opinion, but there were some nail-biters that have were a real struggle.

“People had a very hard time with ‘The Princess Bride’ and ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ … ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ I think that was par­tic­u­larly evil on my part,” she said.

Quinn Crago, a freshman and par­tic­ipant, said, “I was sur­prised that ‘The God­father’ and ‘Shaw­shank Redemption’ lost so early.”

Though the cham­pi­onship game was an odd matchup, Mossey Madness was rather calm and there were no sur­prising Cin­derellas this year.  

The first place prize, going to Diekemper, was a $30 Amazon gift card, second place Talk­ington received a $20 gift cer­tificate to AJ’s/Jitters, and third place Leinbach won a $10 gift cer­tificate to AJ’s/Jitters.

Mossey Madness was a fun oppor­tunity for any brack­e­tol­ogist. Freshman Nolan Ryan said he enjoyed the unique Hillsdale flavor of Mossey Madness.

“I par­tic­i­pated in the tour­nament because I thought it was really awesome that Hillsdale took March Madness and put its own spin on it,” Ryan said.