Mrs. Stock’s Park offers Tuesdays in the Park, a series of free public concerts during June and July. Abigail Liebing | Collegian

Spring has arrived and as the weather warms up, parks are the perfect place to spend a day in the sun. Hillsdale has some really beautiful parks, all just a few minutes away from each other and from town.

According to Michelle Loren, director of Hillsdale’s recreation department, the most popular parks are Sandy Beach, Owen Memorial, and Waterworks Parks because they are on the waterfront and offer a variety of things to do. Sandy Beach has sand volleyball, a basketball court and picnic area while Owen Memorial and Waterworks Park are good places for fishing and picnicking. Mrs. Stock’s Park, another popular park, offers Tuesdays in the Park, a series of free, public concerts during June and July. Stock’s Park is small, but with a pond in the middle, a small stream bordering the park, and some shady trees, it makes for a peaceful afternoon.

“This park has seen 13 years of renovations. The park boasts national award-winning gardens, a pond and island, and a lighted pavilion,” Loren said.

Lewis Emery is another park just a few minutes away from Hillsdale College’s campus. Situated on several small lakes, Lewis Emery Park is a beautiful spot. The paths that go through woods run by a small stream, above the shore, and the trees make the paths somewhat secluded and quiet. Lewis Emery is also a great place to get in a little fishing and enjoy the sun on the lakes.

“My favorite park is the Lewis Emery Park because of all the lakes, and the paths in the woods are well groomed,” senior Faith Liebing said.

Hillsdale offers a variety of outdoor activities and beautiful places such as Fields of Dreams, a park for baseball and soccer, and the neighborhood parks Cold Springs and KeeKoose.

Hillsdale also has plenty of beautiful places to walk, jog, or bike. Linda Moore, public services librarian at Mossey Library and a Hillsdale local said, one of her favorite activities on a nice day is simply “walking through Oak Grove cemetery,” even though it’s not a park.

“My favorite park would actually be the walk along the bike path to Sandy Beach. It’s peaceful and the views are lovely,” Moore said.

Hillsdale can also boast in the history behind its parks.

“There is a lot of history that goes along with most of the parks in the city. So not only do they provide a wide variety of recreational offerings, but they hold stories about families, industry, and Indian heritage that are the framework of our wonderful city.” Loren said.