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There’s 16 days left in the “Countdown to Launch” until stu­dents are “blasted off into outer space” — the theme for this year’s Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza on April 29.

According to the Student Activ­ities Board, the outer-space theme nat­u­rally fits the event, which will feature bounce houses and neon colors, black lights, and futur­istic dec­o­ra­tions to set the stage for the Lost Kings, a DJ duo known for elec­tronic dance music, remixes, and mashups.

“We went country, alter­native, what do we have left?” SAB Director Anthony Manno said. “We do cover bands for Garden Party and President’s Ball, and you listen to top 40, and they all have ele­ments of EDM. With some­thing like music, when everyone has their per­sonal taste, we’re always going to get crit­icism, so just by trying new genres and very diverse artists over the years, that’s how we’ve addressed that best.”

Rather than a grand reveal of the head­lining artist, stu­dents can expect daily space-themed give­aways in dif­ferent areas around campus, during the week leading up to the event.

Lost Kings has reached No. 5 on Spotify’s Top Ten most viral tracks for a week, and the group appeared at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fes­tival. Since 2014, the Los Angeles-based duo has gained pop­u­larity, pub­lishing remixes for artists such as Imagine Dragons, Vance Joy, Echo­smith, and Rihanna. During their per­for­mance, a screen behind them will display lights and videos, fitting into the futur­istic theme.

Senior Bridget DeLapp, SAB media officer, said the board cat­a­pulted off the crit­i­cisms and suc­cesses of pre­vious years in deciding the theme and attrac­tions.

“At the end of the day, you can only control the oppor­tunity, not the reaction,” DeLapp said. “We’re cre­ating a social envi­ronment where things can happen and people can have fun. I think that’s our goal. Even in the media cam­paigns, it’s all about oppor­tunity. We’re there for you; you just have to go and take it.”

Social media cam­paigns will not only be the best source of infor­mation about give­aways, but they them­selves will be give­aways: The potential grand prize is free catering for a CHP pre-party. Using #Apollo1844, stu­dents can post about what they would do with their last day or hour on Earth before being blasted into outer space at CHP.

Other attrac­tions at the event include a neon rock wall, a tram­poline with a bungee, and a blowup laser tag arena that stu­dents can use even if it rains.

There’ll be even more food than last year: a fry bar with tater tots and sweet potato fries, lots of ice cream, a popcorn bar, cake pops, and, Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Landherr said, “hun­dreds, maybe even thou­sands” of chicken tenders.

  • Camus53

    Shout out to J. GEILS and his recent
    passing! Classic Detroit garage rock with a hard dose of R&B. Why mention him and the band? Stu­dents today might not know the J. GEILS band played a concert at Hillsdale, in the gym! Both the band and the student body tore the place down! Yes drinking on campus back then and holy mother was that night some­thing else. Whammer Jammer!