Senior Zack Schultz owns a coffee-growing business in Haiti. Zack Schultz | Courtesy

Two Hillsdale College stu­dents have part­nered with the GOAL Program in an effort to pack and provide more than 20,000 meals for school children in Haiti.

After a January trip to the Caribbean island, senior Jessie Fox and junior Zack Schultz said they were inspired and moved by the need for food and resources in a country plagued by natural dis­aster and poverty.

“People just don’t really know about the need,” Schultz said. “This January, I went back to Haiti with Jessie, and we were so excited to come back with a way to get campus involved.”

Schultz and Fox said they want to max­imize campus involvement and edu­cation for causes in Haiti by holding a campus-wide meal packing event and fundraiser on April 22 from 10 a.m. to noon. Schultz said they need to raise $6,000, enough money to supply a whole school with food for a year.

A spokes­woman from Numana, the group that orga­nizes the meal packing and shipping to Haiti, said she is excited to see Hillsdale hold an event.

“On a good day, Haiti can only feed 55 percent of its pop­u­lation,” spokes­woman Morgan Bolander said. “With the recent Hur­ricane Matthew, that number has dra­mat­i­cally reduced. Thank you, Hillsdale, for stepping up and being a part of feeding the hungry.”

GOAL Program Director Alexis Garcia said she’s glad Schultz and Fox orga­nized an event that incor­po­rates the entire student body.

“It’s a great way for campus to get together,” Garcia said. “We’ve never had an event of this scale for a charity event. It’s going to be awesome.”

Schultz said it only costs 30 cents to provide a meal for a child, and he said he hopes stu­dents will make a small sac­rifice for a big cause.

“We see a quarter and don’t think much of it,” Schultz said. “But that’s almost a meal for a kid. And that could be the only meal that kid can actually count on in Haiti.”