A diagram high­lighting the areas in the Hillsdale Library that need repairs. Mark Maeier | Courtesy

The Hillsdale City Council passed a motion to repaint the Hillsdale Com­munity Library at an April 3 meeting.

“A while back they had some van­dalism and graffiti on the building, and they had to cover that up,” Finance Director Bonnie Tew said at the meeting. “They began to look at the building and realized that it has not been painted since it was done. The building is over ten years old and there is a need to protect the exterior.”

Library Board Pres­ident Mark Maier rein­forced these claims and said most of the nec­essary repairs are age-related.

“In addition to some spots where the paint has faded a good deal, there are also several places where the walls were in need of repairs,” he said.

Maier also said van­dalism has been a problem ever since the library building was fin­ished.

“If you walk along the alley side of the building you can see where people have van­dalized the wall,” he said. “There are also numerous spots where it looks like someone was shooting the wall with BB guns.”

Hillsdale res­ident Jack McLane said he wished the library would also spend the money on a bicycle rack.

“You can lit­erally ride your bike up to the building and leave it there,” he said. “I would rather have a rack than a big sign that says no ‘bicycle riding in the parking lot.’”

The project is expected to cost the library $13,325. City Manager David Mackie said the decision to repair the building came entirely from the library board.

“This comes out of their own funds, so this is not general fund monies,” he said.

At the meeting, Coun­cilman Adam Stockford opposed the project.

“I don’t know how in favor I am of painting the library and spending that much money on it, but if we’re going to hire someone, I know Steve Wisner is an excellent craftsmen and very affordable,” he said.

The library has since awarded Wisner’s company, Steve the Painter, the con­tract. A timeline for the project has yet to be set.