Greg Koukl is coming to Hillsdale to speak for the new Christian apolo­getic group Alithea. Courtesy | Melinda Penner

Radio host and Christian apol­ogist Greg Koukl will speak about the nature of reality and the Christian faith Monday at 6 p.m. in Phillips Audi­torium.

Aletheia, a Christian apolo­getics group that recently changed the spelling of its name, is holding the event. The group focuses on answering ques­tions about the beliefs and impli­ca­tions of Chris­tianity through the lens of reason, Aletheia Pres­ident sophomore Katarina Bradford said.

“We try to focus on ques­tions of the heart — of our purpose, meaning, and values — so not just getting these argu­ments in your head but thinking, ‘If these argu­ments are true, how should our being transform?’” Bradford said.

Koukl is the pres­ident and founder of Stand To Reason, an orga­ni­zation ded­i­cated to training Chris­tians to defend their faith in the public square, according to its website. Koukl has written more than seven books about the Christian faith, serves as an adjunct pro­fessor in Christian apolo­getics at Biola Uni­versity, and holds a call-in talk show advo­cating “Chris­tianity worth thinking about.” His latest book, “The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Every­thing Important that Happens in Between,” is a best­seller on Amazon in Christian Dis­ci­pleship,. He will discuss ideas from the book at his Hillsdale lecture.

Aletheia Media Officer sophomore Chris Sturges said the logical approach to the subject matter makes Aletheia lec­tures rel­evant for a wide audience.

“Regardless of whether you’re Christian or not, these ques­tions still have to do with you, in a way,” Sturges said. “You should be able to come to this and log­i­cally think through the topic. It’s very enriching to think through these types of ques­tions and try to find the answer for them.”

After the public lecture,  Koukl will be available to sign “The Story of Reality,” which audience members can pur­chase fol­lowing the lecture.

“I would just encourage everyone to come, whether or not you’re Christian,” Bradford said. “The goal of these speakers isn’t to have you arrive at any con­clu­sions but to start con­ver­sa­tions about these sub­jects.”