When Matthew Broderick’s character Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile you might miss it,” the last thing the audience thought of was college journalism.

But for the senior staff members of The Hillsdale Collegian, it’s a quote that shows the reality of our last year at Hillsdale.

In reporting each week, we’ve been blessed to start and contribute to campus conversation, and we’re thankful for the participation and the support of the campus.
We reflected on the year’s biggest stories, so here’s a recap of a few of our favorites and proudest moments.

It’s The People: Engaging with students and the community is important, but having the opportunity to report on a story that put the two groups in conversation was priceless. To some it was just a sign, to others it was an ethos.

College Scorecard: Last year, The Collegian discovered and reported the Department of Education incorrect labeled Hillsdale “a primarily certificate degree-granting institution” — and this year, the Department admitted it.

Convocation Speech: In our first editorial staff weekly this school year, we said we wanted to be a source of news and discussion for the college and the community. The speeches during Fall 2016 convocation showed that it was working. With President Larry Arnn’s public comments on breaking news and election stories and Professor of History Tom Connor’s speech titled “It’s The People,” it was clear we were informing the public and encouraging discussion.

Election Night: Despite gratuitous amounts of screams, cheap pizza, and coffee, the staff managed to complete an Election Night issue with Trump’s victory — beating many local and state papers.

Lockdown: Decisions aside, it was our honor and privilege to be a source of reliable and accurate campus information in a time of confusion.

27 issues in one year: While it is always quality over quantity, the senior staff was glad to release the largest number of issues in one year to campus. Ranging from the first day of school, to a Christmas issue, and even one focusing on student’s experiences in Israel, we were happy to highlight it all.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve the college and the city, and we’re thankful you read our work and hold us accountable. We’re already looking forward to another year of reliable reporting and honest writing.