Duncan Voyles helped by Ethan Greb in Career Ser­vices. Matthew Kendrick | Col­legian

Although rela­tion­ships Hillsdale College has with employers and alumni can help stu­dents find intern­ships and jobs, the Career Shift platform may help stu­dents to identify the type of job for which they are looking.

The career ser­vices office has three main plat­forms for helping stu­dents find jobs: Hand­shake, LinkedIn, and Career Shift. While the first two plat­forms help stu­dents find jobs through pre­vious con­nec­tions with employers and alumni stu­dents, Career Shift was added in 2015 to broaden the number of job oppor­tu­nities.

“We would have no idea of knowing all the job postings that are out there, and so by using Career Shift, you can just search every­thing,” Assistant Director of Career Ser­vices John Quint said.

The downside to using Career Shift over other plat­forms is that it is somewhat of a “behemoth,” Quint said, in that it can pull job postings from any­where on the Web. The pos­itive side, however, is that the platform can help the student gen­erate ideas, Student Affairs Mentor senior David Peters said.

“Espe­cially for people who don’t know what they want, it gets the ideas flowing,” Peters said. “If you are an econ, business, or accounting major, the job market’s a little more friendly to you. But if you’re a history, art, more liberal arts major, it’s a very great tool, because it gets the ideas flowing…for those majors which don’t have cut-and-dry posi­tions.”

Quint said the typical next step after searching Career Shift is to connect stu­dents to pre­vi­ously estab­lished net­works through LinkedIn and Hand­shake.

Hand­shake is helpful in that, even though it pro­vides a smaller pool of options, career ser­vices already has a rela­tionship with the employers in the network so a student can often get a response from an employer within 24 – 48 hours, Quint said. LinkedIn also has thou­sands of con­tacts of alumni and pro­vides the names of com­panies where they have worked.

“Eighty-five percent of jobs are filled via net­working,” Quint said, ref­er­encing a Feb­ruary 2016 survey by The Adler Group.

Stu­dents can use Career Shift by logging in with their Hillsdale email account. Lim­iting searches to a par­ticular city and job title can narrow the results, which can be saved in a folder. The job descrip­tions provide contact infor­mation for the company, which Director of Career Ser­vices Joanna Wiseley said has been helpful for some stu­dents.

Before making a phone call to a former Hillsdale student or a company employer, stu­dents can solicit help from career ser­vices in shaping their message.

“When people reach out, they are 10-fold more likely to get the job,” Quint said. “Most stu­dents do not take advantage of the net­working side of things.”

Wiseley said she and the SAMs use Career Shift often in their appoint­ments with stu­dents.

“We like it, because it’s so geo­graph­i­cally diverse,” she said. “It’s a good way to open the door.”