Student Fed members are inducted. Emily Blatter | Col­legian

Phi Mu Alpha will bring Christian folk band The Gray Havens to campus on March 30, after Hillsdale College’s Student Fed­er­ation approved $1,475 for the event during its March 2 meeting.

Although Student Fed’s Finance Com­mittee orig­i­nally rec­om­mended giving the men’s music fra­ternity only $1,000, the fed­er­ation unan­i­mously voted to fully fund the pro­posal, because the event will benefit so many stu­dents on campus, Student Fed Vice Pres­ident junior Maria Theisen said.  The decision came after Phi Mu Alpha Vice Pres­ident junior Jacob Hann said he expected more than 200 stu­dents to attend the concert.

“I’m not the biggest pro­ponent of just shelling out money, but I do think full funding is a good idea for this one, given the range of people on campus that it would impact,” Theisen said. “This is some­thing that I’ve heard about from inde­pen­dents, Greeks, people in Phi Mu Alpha…I’ve already heard about this event, and I don’t know this group at all. I’ve already been asked if I’m going.”

The Finance Com­mittee rec­om­mended the smaller amount, because most con­certs the fed­er­ation funds only cost between $500-$800, Student Fed Trea­surer sophomore Ross Hatley said.

But Hann appealed the Finance Committee’s decision, because the fraternity’s fundraising efforts cut the cost of the event in half, he said. The $475 deficit could have jeop­ar­dized the concert, he said.

“If, upon delib­er­ation, I only manage to receive $1,000, that’s cer­tainly a great step,” Hann said. “What that would require for me, though, is I would have to call [The Gray Havens lead vocalist Dave Radford] and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got $1,000,’ and he would end up being the one to make that final call — whether they want to come and do the show or not.”

Tickets to the concert will cost $5, and the revenue will go to The Gray Havens as part of a deal to reduce the band’s per­for­mance fee and save Student Fed money, Hann said. While the band usually charges $2,500 for a per­for­mance, Radford agreed to charge Phi Mu Alpha only $1,000 if the fra­ternity gave the band all ticket rev­enues, Hann said.

Student Fed­er­ation also unan­i­mously voted to give Omicron Delta Kappa, the lead­ership hon­orary, $508.50 to bring four Hillsdale business owners to campus for a lun­cheon and panel dis­cussion. The money will cover half the catering cost of the lun­cheon, Omicron Delta Kappa Pres­ident senior Chris Pudenz said.

If all goes as planned, the panel will feature two local entre­pre­neurs who started their own busi­nesses and two that expanded their busi­nesses, Pudenz said. With the help of the career ser­vices office, ODK hopes to attract 60 stu­dents for the event, he said.

“The purpose of all this is to show Hillsdale stu­dents that ‘Hey, there’s really cool things going on in the Hillsdale com­munity’ and also show those four entre­pre­neurs in par­ticular that Hillsdale College cares about what they’re doing,” Pudenz said.

Stu­dents for Middle Eastern Dis­course received partial funding for its upcoming event on anti-Semitism. The group plans to bring Ralph Avi Gold­wasser, the son of two holo­caust sur­vivors who created a doc­u­mentary on anti-Semitism, to campus to have lunch with select stu­dents and hold a lecture for those inter­ested in his story.

While the group requested $3,070, the fed­er­ation only approved half the cost of the speaker’s hon­o­rarium, or $750, because Stu­dents for Middle Eastern Dis­course already received $550 of Student Fed money for a pre­vious event this semester, Hatley said.

“I do think that this number seems appro­priate,” Theisen said. “We can’t give money to every­thing, and we did approve the last one. If we were to give $1,000 to every club on campus, we lit­erally could not do it.”

The President’s Office has agreed to provide the rest of the funding for the event, Stu­dents for Middle Eastern Dis­course Pres­ident junior Hannah Brewer said.

The Fed­er­alist Society also received $150 from Student Fed to pay the inci­dental costs of its inau­gural event, a speech by John Malcolm, director of the Her­itage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Judicial and Legal Studies.

Since the Fed­er­alist Society is on pro­bation until next semester as a new club, it needed the rec­om­men­dation of the Finance Com­mittee and a two-thirds vote of support.

The fed­er­ation unan­i­mously approved full funding for the Fed­er­alist Society “due to the oppor­tu­nities that this event pro­vides for campus,” Student Fed Sophomore Rep. Adam Cieply said.