Gal­loway guys chilling’ in the space they have now, but look forward to more in the future. Nicole Ault | Col­legian

More rooms, a gaming space, and a fire pit may soon come to Gal­loway Res­i­dence, according to Asso­ciate Dean of Women Rebekah Dell and Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Rich Péwé.

Plans for a large-scale ren­o­vation of the dorm are “very far along,” Dell said, noting that the dorm has undergone updates but no major ren­o­va­tions since its con­struction was com­pleted in 1949. She said leaking pipes and elec­trical wiring need par­ticular attention.

“In general, the wear and tear on the building is to the point where fix­tures and fin­ishes need to be replaced instead of being repaired,” Dell said.

Péwé said con­struction could begin as early as January 2018 and com­pleted for the fall 2019 semester, though an exact timeline is uncertain.

Dell said the ren­o­va­tions would be extensive, similar to the recent makeover for Mauck Res­i­dence. Plans involve instal­lation of new plumbing, elec­trical wiring, and air con­di­tioning as well as faux wood flooring and new paint for the bed­rooms. Bath­rooms will undergo full ren­o­va­tions, and the dorm will have room for four more men, increasing maximum occu­pancy from 88 to 92.

Dell said the college is adding three bed­rooms and a com­munity bathroom to the main floor, and the lower level will transform into a gaming room with a kitch­enette and a study room. Plans also include expansion of the common space on the second floor, which will feature a full kitchen, fire­place, and TV. Dell said there will be a small lounge and study area on the third floor, too, and a fire pit on the outdoor patio.

The dorm will be “mas­culine but inviting,” Dell said, noting that she plans to implement a Charger color scheme with grays, blues, and browns.

Senior Chris Pudenz, head res­ident assistant in Gal­loway, said he is excited for the ren­o­va­tions’ potential to improve the social atmos­phere in the dorm.

“We’ve had to be cre­ative with Gal­loway events for the past several years, because cur­rently we don’t have a very large gath­ering space,” he said. “I’m excited for any growth in the dorm com­munity.”

The college is con­sid­ering building a new res­i­dence hall on Union Street, though those plans are in the con­ceptual stages, Dell said. Péwé said the new dorm may be a men’s or women’s res­i­dence, and, if built, it could house Gal­loway res­i­dents while their dorm is being ren­o­vated.

“We are not sure about finances yet, but we want to be ready, if it’s a good option,” Péwé said.

After Gal­loway, Péwé said, the college hopes to ren­ovate Olds Res­i­dence, though not as exten­sively. Dell said ren­o­vating the bath­rooms in Olds would be the biggest pri­ority, noting that the res­i­dence has undergone smaller ren­o­va­tions to update rooms and fur­niture in the past 10 years. She and Péwé also said Waterman and Whitley res­i­dences will receive smaller makeovers as needed to keep them up to date.

Péwé and Dell empha­sized that keeping the dorms in good con­dition has always been a pri­ority.

“The res­i­dence life expe­rience is so important, espe­cially on a campus when a greater portion of our stu­dents are coming from out of state,” Dell said. “We are very inten­tional about increasing the amount of com­munity space, because that’s where you learn and grow. That’s where the liberal-arts classroom is put into practice. Any time that we can invest in spaces that encourage that type of devel­opment of com­munity — the exchange of ideas, sharing of one’s life — then we’re building a suc­cessful space.”