Galloway guys chilling’ in the space they have now, but look forward to more in the future. Nicole Ault | Collegian

More rooms, a gaming space, and a fire pit may soon come to Galloway Residence, according to Associate Dean of Women Rebekah Dell and Chief Administrative Officer Rich Péwé.

Plans for a large-scale renovation of the dorm are “very far along,” Dell said, noting that the dorm has undergone updates but no major renovations since its construction was completed in 1949. She said leaking pipes and electrical wiring need particular attention.

“In general, the wear and tear on the building is to the point where fixtures and finishes need to be replaced instead of being repaired,” Dell said.

Péwé said construction could begin as early as January 2018 and completed for the fall 2019 semester, though an exact timeline is uncertain.

Dell said the renovations would be extensive, similar to the recent makeover for Mauck Residence. Plans involve installation of new plumbing, electrical wiring, and air conditioning as well as faux wood flooring and new paint for the bedrooms. Bathrooms will undergo full renovations, and the dorm will have room for four more men, increasing maximum occupancy from 88 to 92.

Dell said the college is adding three bedrooms and a community bathroom to the main floor, and the lower level will transform into a gaming room with a kitchenette and a study room. Plans also include expansion of the common space on the second floor, which will feature a full kitchen, fireplace, and TV. Dell said there will be a small lounge and study area on the third floor, too, and a fire pit on the outdoor patio.

The dorm will be “masculine but inviting,” Dell said, noting that she plans to implement a Charger color scheme with grays, blues, and browns.

Senior Chris Pudenz, head resident assistant in Galloway, said he is excited for the renovations’ potential to improve the social atmosphere in the dorm.

“We’ve had to be creative with Galloway events for the past several years, because currently we don’t have a very large gathering space,” he said. “I’m excited for any growth in the dorm community.”

The college is considering building a new residence hall on Union Street, though those plans are in the conceptual stages, Dell said. Péwé said the new dorm may be a men’s or women’s residence, and, if built, it could house Galloway residents while their dorm is being renovated.

“We are not sure about finances yet, but we want to be ready, if it’s a good option,” Péwé said.

After Galloway, Péwé said, the college hopes to renovate Olds Residence, though not as extensively. Dell said renovating the bathrooms in Olds would be the biggest priority, noting that the residence has undergone smaller renovations to update rooms and furniture in the past 10 years. She and Péwé also said Waterman and Whitley residences will receive smaller makeovers as needed to keep them up to date.

Péwé and Dell emphasized that keeping the dorms in good condition has always been a priority.

“The residence life experience is so important, especially on a campus when a greater portion of our students are coming from out of state,” Dell said. “We are very intentional about increasing the amount of community space, because that’s where you learn and grow. That’s where the liberal-arts classroom is put into practice. Any time that we can invest in spaces that encourage that type of development of community — the exchange of ideas, sharing of one’s life — then we’re building a successful space.”