Jaycie Burger (left) and Maddie Clark (right) pose with their three State Cham­pi­onship tro­phies. (Photo: Maddie Clark / Courtesy)

The Pittsford Wildcats girl’s bas­ketball team, with a record of 103 – 2 throughout the past four years, reigns the 2017 Class D Girls Bas­ketball State Cham­pions, dom­i­nating for the second year in a row. 

Two seniors, Maddie Clark and Jaycie Burger, will join the Hillsdale College Chargers this fall, with Clark playing women’s vol­leyball and Burger joining the women’s bas­ketball team. 

Both women have excelled in numerous varsity ath­letics throughout their high school careers and will add to the Charger teams as they head from the GLIAC to GMAC. 

Clark intends to join the vol­leyball team as an outside hitter. Setting Pittsford high school records for kills in a match, season, and a career, her high school vol­leyball record shows a total of 1,495 kills, 183 blocks, 1,179 digs, and 291 service aces. 

“I have been blessed to have played with such great team­mates,” Clark said. “We have had great runs on the bas­ketball team the past three years.” 

Coming to Hillsdale became a dream of Clark’s when she was in eighth grade and started attending vol­leyball camps with Hillsdale head vol­leyball coach Chris Gravel. 

“As I got older, I started thinking that it would be so cool to play at Hillsdale,” Clark said. “I just felt at home when I was there and I know that I am going to get a great edu­cation.” 

Gravel is looking forward to adding Clark to the team. 

“She is very suc­cessful in every­thing that she focuses on,” Gravel said. “She’s very focused on bas­ketball, and she’s very focused on track, and she’s probably the least focused on vol­leyball, but she’s still an amazing player. Now that she is focused on vol­leyball, we can’t wait to see all that she does.”

While Clark has had a suc­cessful high school bas­ketball career and is also a state-champion discus thrower, she is excited to play vol­leyball. 

“Vol­leyball is a one love,” Clark said. “I’ve never gotten tired of playing vol­leyball, so this is a dream come true.” 

Burger, a starting guard for Pittsford, has received First-Team All-State honors each year since her sophomore year. Her bas­ketball records claim over 1,000 points throughout her career, scoring 27 of 71 winning points in the 2017 Class D State Cham­pi­onship game. 

Burger said she was blessed to be part of such a winning team. 

“No matter who filled the lineup, the court was filled with pas­sionate and hard­working players,” Burger said. “I’m glad I went through Pittsford when I did. I don’t think I could have asked for better team­mates.”

Freshmen year for Clark and Burger will be the first time in the past 10 years that they will not be playing together on the same team.

“It will be shocking to not be on the same team,” Clark said. “We have been on the same team ever since we were younger, but it was a great 10 years that we played together. I would love to play another four years with her, but I was extremely blessed to have played alongside such a tal­ented teammate.” 

Being at the same school will allow them to be together as Chargers while fol­lowing their dreams with sep­arate sports. 

“It’s def­i­nitely going to be dif­ferent not playing with her, but watching her,” Burger said. “She is my best friend, and I’d love to be on the court with her, but I can’t wait to watch her and see all that she does.”