Hillsdale College put up a fence around the Quad over spring break, to mark the con­struction area for the Christ Chapel to protect people walking on campus. The fence will stand for two years. Nina Huffer | Col­legian

The debate about the Christ Chapel con­struction is over.

Donors have gra­ciously gifted more than $24 million to build a gath­ering place for the whole student body to pray, cel­e­brate, and host grand events. For such an endeavor, the amount of con­struction taking over the quad is appro­priate.

It’s true that stu­dents have found this imme­di­ately incon­ve­nient to trav­eling around campus, but the future prospects of a building that will awe gen­er­a­tions of stu­dents to come sur­passes that.

But let’s meet in the middle. Let’s find a way to nav­igate this project without letting the petty frus­tra­tions of con­struction get in the way.

Con­struction obstructs the current path from the student parking lot by the security office to the A.J.’s Café. Stu­dents must nav­igate around Gal­loway, cut across the East Lawn, take the back staircase to get up to the main floor of the Grewcock Student Union, then cut across it to get a cup of coffee. It adds five minutes to a normal 2-minute walk.

Thank­fully, there’s a solution.

Past the bath­rooms on the main floor of the Grewcock Student Union is a small, unas­suming door. That door leads to a staircase that runs past the service side of Bon Appetit, and leads to the student parking lot no more than 50 yards away.

This path would offer an easy way for stu­dents to get up the hill in a timely and orga­nized manner. There is, however, one problem. The door is open from the inside, but is locked on the outside.

Stu­dents, regardless of their opinions, have accepted the reality of the chapel. But perhaps the admin­is­tration can meet stu­dents trying to get to their morning classes halfway and keep the door open from both sides.