An image of downtown Hillsdale | Wikimedia Commons

The move will allow Home Oxygen to expand its services and provide more convenient access to its customers.

“It took us a couple days to get in here, but we have had a lot of compliments from our patients on how great it is that our new location is so easy and so convenient for them,” Home Oxygen coordinator Sylvia Roberts said.

Home Oxygen has provided respiratory supplies — home oxygen, concentrators, C-pap, Bi-pap, and nebulizers — to its customers for a decade. The business is currently expanding to supply orthotics equipment like walkers and crutches, and bath items like shower stools.

“It’s easier for us to expand now because we have a bigger showroom. At the old facility it was just more of an office,” Roberts said. “Now we actually have an area where we can have displays.”

Home Oxygen’s old office was at 451 Hidden Meadow Drive, and the new building’s downtown location, at 49 E Carleton Road, and storefront feel played a big role in Home Oxygen’s decision to move.

“‘Hidden Meadow’ explains where it is,” Roberts said. “This is a better location and gives easier access to our patients.”

Home Oxygen’s new location is not only closer to most of its customers but also easier for its less mobile patients to access.

“At our old location you had to walk down two hallways and it was just a great big maze. Some of our patients are short of breath, so by the time they found our office they were winded,” Roberts said. “But with this new location, they just walk right in and we have seating arrangements for them to sit and relax while we show them a new item.”

Home Oxygen’s more wide-open storefront feel has appealed to its customers.

“They’re very interested in what we have to offer,” Roberts said. “It’s just amazing the difference that a storefront makes versus just a little office.”

Home Oxygen currently has a patient base of about three thousand people, but Roberts hopes to expand as it begins providing orthotics in addition to respiratory services.