For the past few months, you’ve been faith­fully bud­geting your income, and you’ve allotted $20 this week to spend however you want. Instead of buying more makeup online or stocking six-packs for a house party, think about investing in local Hillsdale busi­nesses. In fact, you only need $20 to have a lot of fun downtown.

First head over to the Jonesville Bakery at 10 a.m. to grab a ginormous donut and a coffee. This bakery’s donuts are huge, delec­table, and baked fresh every morning. Price range: $1-$3. Then park on Howell Street in downtown Hillsdale and check out the shops: Hero’s Nest sells comic books for as low as $3.50, and Maribeth’s is having a sale, which means you can steal a sweater for as low as $10.

For lunch, you have a couple options: you could walk over to Checker Records, which sells bagels with cream cheese for $1.50 and a king-sized coffee for less than $2 (cups of water are free), or you can walk down to the Filling Station for a $5 sandwich, or to Handmade Sand­wiches and Bev­erages for a $7-$8 sandwich and a $3 cup of smooth, creamy ice cream.

From there you have a couple options for your afternoon: Mrs. Stock’s Park offers a free walk, but you could also sit down at Toasted Mud to paint a tile or a wine stopper for less than $15, or you could pop over to Ten on the Table to get an “express man­icure” for $14 (the spa offers other ser­vices for under $20 as well).

If you want to see a movie at the Pre­miere Theater on Car­leton Road, tickets are $7.75 (but $5 on Tuesdays).

So here’s the deal: Hillsdale offers quality food and enter­tainment ser­vices for pretty affordable prices, and it’s pretty easy to stretch $20 downtown on a Sat­urday. By investing in the city, you can support the Hillsdale economy. If more money cir­cu­lates through the hands of business owners, entre­pre­neurs, and con­sumers, then the city will be able reinvest in itself and provide better goods and ser­vices. Sup­porting local business is a big deal, and Hillsdale has a lot to offer, so do it.

Start by buying a humongous peanut butter creme donut from the Jonesville Bakery.