Registration for Hillsdale community baseball and softball is now open for Hillsdale residents. The cost is $50 and games begin May 23 and end in mid-July, which is when t-ball and coach-pitch baseball leagues for those under the age of eight begin. Games are played at Field of Dreams.

“Baseball pulls family and community together,” Recreation Director Michelle Loren said. “Field of Dreams is packed every night during the summer.”

Players will be divided among four baseball leagues: ‘Willie Mays,’ for ages eight to ten; ‘Reese,’ for ages 11 and 12; ‘Sandy Koufax,’ for ages 13 and 14; and the newly-formed ‘Mickey Mantle’ league for ages 15 and 16.

Both boys and girls are welcome to join the baseball teams, though the Hillsdale County Recreation Center does offer two girl’s softball leagues: ‘Pee-Wee,’ for ages eight through ten; and ‘Minors,’ for ages 11 through 14.

The recreation center hosts four tournaments every summer. According to Loren, these tournaments attract players and teams Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and even Canada.