Dear Editor,


I am writing in response to the Mar. 2 article entitled, “Reform Medicaid by simplifying its reimbursement process.”  

There is an error in the paragraph describing hospital acquisitions. As an employee of the hospital in Jackson, I can say that we did not merge with the University of Michigan. Since April of 2016, we have been known as Henry Ford Allegiance Health and are a part of the Henry Ford Health System.  

I also wish to comment on the idea expressed in the fourth paragraph, which says that health care consolidation decreases the quality of care for smaller communities like Hillsdale. When a small community hospital becomes part of a larger health care system, the medical staff gains direct access to more specialized physicians and services. Using telemedicine, one can consult with a specialist not available in rural areas and develop a plan for treatment. This can benefit patients in the local community. Another advantage for a local community hospital that becomes part of a larger health care system is greater access to capital. As part of a larger health system with better financial resources, new services can be obtained for the local community. Since becoming part of the Henry Ford Health System, Henry Ford Allegiance Health has begun construction on a new 66-bed in-patient facility and is implementing a new electronic medical record system that will help with coordination of care and communication between medical providers.  

Thank you for covering healthcare topics in The Collegian. I look forward to future articles as our nation continues to grapple with the challenges involved with providing healthcare for its citizens.   



Anita Hamilton, RN, NNP