Dear Editor,


I am writing in response to the Mar. 2 article entitled, “Reform Med­icaid by sim­pli­fying its reim­bursement process.”  

There is an error in the para­graph describing hos­pital acqui­si­tions. As an employee of the hos­pital in Jackson, I can say that we did not merge with the Uni­versity of Michigan. Since April of 2016, we have been known as Henry Ford Alle­giance Health and are a part of the Henry Ford Health System.  

I also wish to comment on the idea expressed in the fourth para­graph, which says that health care con­sol­i­dation decreases the quality of care for smaller com­mu­nities like Hillsdale. When a small com­munity hos­pital becomes part of a larger health care system, the medical staff gains direct access to more spe­cialized physi­cians and ser­vices. Using telemed­icine, one can consult with a spe­cialist not available in rural areas and develop a plan for treatment. This can benefit patients in the local com­munity. Another advantage for a local com­munity hos­pital that becomes part of a larger health care system is greater access to capital. As part of a larger health system with better financial resources, new ser­vices can be obtained for the local com­munity. Since becoming part of the Henry Ford Health System, Henry Ford Alle­giance Health has begun con­struction on a new 66-bed in-patient facility and is imple­menting a new elec­tronic medical record system that will help with coor­di­nation of care and com­mu­ni­cation between medical providers.  

Thank you for cov­ering healthcare topics in The Col­legian. I look forward to future articles as our nation con­tinues to grapple with the chal­lenges involved with pro­viding healthcare for its cit­izens.   



Anita Hamilton, RN, NNP