Ice Cream Flavors at AJ’s Cafe. S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

As a senior AJ’s employee and avid ice cream eater, I’ve had the oppor­tunity to try every ice cream flavor — countless times. While some were really only worth trying once (Paintball Blitz and World’s Fair Caramel Corn, for instance) most of the others are worth the $2.05 almost every day of the week.

Arguably one of the most expert AJ’s ice-cream afi­cionados at Hillsdale, I’ve put together a list of the top eight flavors. The perfect AJ’s Ice Cream scene requires a variety: some chocolate, some fruity, and some of every­thing else. Agree? Dis­agree? You can find me at AJ’s to discuss.


Scout’s Honor Mint Cookie:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Mint ice cream with chocolate covered mint cookie balls & a chocolate cookie fudge swirl.
It’s like Mint Chocolate Chip, but better. The mint is a stunning wintery shade of green with ribbons of milky chocolate oozed into every bite.


Anniversary Cake:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Gradma’s yellow cake batter ice cream full of cake bits and col­orful frosting chunks.
Not unlike its cousin “Frosted Sugar Cookie,” “Anniversary Cake” is oddly colored and complex. However, the sugary yellow con­coction and bright sprinkles make up one of the all-time favorites of AJ’s cus­tomers.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Chocolate ice cream with a rich peanut butter ripple.
There’s ”Peanut Butter Cookie” (no longer in service), “Peanut Butter Land­slide,” and “Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie,” but “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup” takes the cake with its deli­cious peanut butter globs mixed into creamy chocolate ice cream.


Cookie Jar:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Not only does this flavor combine two of the best ice creams out there (“O-O-Oreo” and “Cookie Dough”), but the addition of M&M’s and oats easily place it in the top eight.


Salty ‘Cowamel’:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Vanilla ice cream with salty caramel swirl and chocolate-covered salted caramels.
Once you get over the name, this flavor will win over your heart and (more impor­tantly) your taste buds. The heavenly pro­por­tions of caramel balance well with the chocolate.


Raspberry Chip Cheesecake:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Our creamy cheesecake ice cream with a rasp­berry swirl & loaded with chocolate chip flakes.
Every ice cream list needs a fruity option and what better choice than one that includes one of the best fruits, slivers of chocolate, and nuggets of cheesecake?


Michigan Pot Hole:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt.
The list couldn’t be com­plete without an ultimate chocolate flavor, and this fan­tastic chocolate chunk ice cream is almost as good as Michigan’s pot­holes are bad.


Peppermint Bark:

S.M. Chavey | Courtesy

Pep­permint fla­vored ice cream with crunchy pep­permint bark and famous Moose Tracks fudge.
While many of the holiday-themed flavors can be odd and never quite seem to go away (I’m looking at you, “Apples, Peaches, Scrump­tious Pie” and “Eggnog”), this Christmas classic is perfect for all times of the year. DISCLAIMER: Yes, Pep­permint Crackle (with white chocolate flakes) was much better, but Pep­permint Bark still makes the cut as No. 8 on the list.