A photo of what will be the ice rink on the quad. It has yet to be filled. Chandler Lasch | Collegian

Student Activities Board’s ice rink is looking uncertain, said junior Branden Bisher, director of men’s health and residence life.

The rink depends on cold weather, and this week’s spell of warmer weather raises concerns about whether SAB’s ice rink can freeze solid.

“To be completely honest, it’s looking like it is probably not going to happen, but we haven’t made the decision for sure,” Bisher said. “It’s a huge bummer, because it was something the students would really utilize and a great way to get away from studies.”

The fire department filled in the rink with water last week. This week’s weather break, however, turned the ground mushy, weakened the structure of the rink, and melted the ice. Air crept under the tarp, and the plastic ballooned up into bubbles.

The bubbles are an easy fix, Bisher said. SAB can pop them with a pin or fill over them. But for the ice to refreeze, there must be at least three consecutive days of cold weather.

“The weather looks like it is going to bounce up and down, which is really unfortunate, because the one thing you rely on the most for the rink is the thing you can’t control,” Bisher said. “It’s really disappointing.”

SAB is considering shutting down the rink or waiting a few weeks in the hopes of colder weather, Director of Student Affairs Anthony Manno said.

SAB hoped to operate the ice rink through February and into March, if possible, Bisher said. If the rink were to open, students could rent skates in the Grewcock Student Union.

If Michigan’s weather does not cooperate this year, however, SAB will try to reopen the rink next year, Bisher said.

“As long as weather cooperates, we definitely plan to do it next year,” Bisher said. “We still really love the idea, and we are definitely not giving up on it.”