The College Repub­licans event that sparked College Democrat’s event ‘Pie a Democrat.’ Facebook | Courtesy

Stu­dents will have the chance to throw a pie in a Democrat’s face Friday, courtesy of Hillsdale College Democrats.

The group will be in the Grewcock Student Union during lunch Friday, allowing their peers to shove cream pie in their faces for $3.

“Being a Democrat on campus, you kind of have to learn to poke fun at yourself,” College Democrats Pres­ident junior Elyse Hutcheson said. “We were in a meeting trying to think of fundraisers, and we realized, ‘Wow, people would probably really love to do this’.”

The fundraiser, however, will take place during the Hillsdale College Repub­licans’ annual trip to the Con­ser­v­ative Political Action Con­ference in National Harbor, Maryland. Hutcheson said it is unfor­tunate because the people attending CPAC would be likely cus­tomers.

This pie-throwing fundraiser resembles a similar fundraiser the College Repub­licans did in the fall, College Repub­licans acting pres­ident junior Madeline Doma­lakes said.

“When the College Repub­licans did this fundraiser last semester, we had a blast, and it was very suc­cessful,” Doma­lakes said. “So when we saw the College Democrats were doing the same (with their own twist), we were flat­tered and frankly found it hilarious. Imi­tation is the highest form of flattery — thanks College Democrats!”