Ask any student where to find the best Hillsdale humor, and they’ll direct you to Over­heard at Hillsdale College. This Facebook group has every­thing from hilarious quotes from pro­fessors to quips from stu­dents and humorous photos of sights “overseen.”

While new­comers post quotes that aren’t funny out of context and grumpy seniors com­plain about when Over­heard used to be funny, it’s easy to forget the rich history that Over­heard belongs in, as well as the fact that it’s still funny.

The tra­dition of printing quotes began right here in the Hillsdale Col­legian, and there have been many iter­a­tions of Over­heard throughout the years. Here are some of its fore­fa­thers.


Hall and Campus

“Hall and Campus” was fea­tured in the first issue of the Col­legian in 1893, and con­tained short announce­ments as well as amusing quotes. This example was printed on July 21, 1898. Until recent years, quotes were more or less anonymous.

Campus Notes

“Campus Notes” was very similar to Hall and Campus. This example comes from the May 5, 1900, edition of the Col­legian.

Just Between Us

“Just Between Us” fea­tured quotes, anec­dotes, and silly poems. This quote comes from two stu­dents stricken with senioritis, and was printed on March 1, 1950.

The Half-Page: Overheard quotes of the week

“The Half-Page” was a rel­a­tively recent and fun Col­legian feature. These quotes comes from the Nov. 21, 2002 issue of the Col­legian, and the speaker’s name may sound familiar to current stu­dents.

Et Cetera

“Et Cetera” was a feature in the “Vibe” section of the Col­legian. The Oct. 14, 2010 issue printed quotes from pro­fessors.

Overheard… out of Context

The first section to use the word “over­heard” in the title, “Over­heard… out of Context” appeared shortly after Et Cetera. This cen­sored quote was pub­lished on Feb. 20, 2003.

Overheard on Campus

These selec­tions from March 17, 2005 show how popular “Over­heard on Campus” was among stu­dents and faculty.

Overheard at Hillsdale

Although the Facebook page has been around since at least 2011, the Col­legian some­times printed quotes such as this one from Nov. 14, 2013 in its “Over­heard at Hillsdale” section.

Overheard at Hillsdale College Facebook group

Today, the Facebook group “Over­heard at Hillsdale College” has 2,380 members, which is about 900 more members than current Hillsdale stu­dents. This 2013 post remains one of the most popular, with 479 likes and 60 com­ments.

Winona Yearbook

The best over­heard quotes of each month are immor­talized in the Winona yearbook. Here is an example from the April page of the 2014 edition.

Let the great tra­dition of Over­heard inspire you. Go forth and be quotable.


  • frank76

    Great back­ground Info! I sure wasn’t aware of the Hillsdale tra­diton prior to cre­ating the Facebook Over­heard group in 2007. I modeled it after other similar Facebook groups that other col­leges had. Glad to see the group growing strong!