Hillsdale College’s forensics team placed in several events at the Michigan Inter­col­le­giate Speech League State Cham­pi­onship Sat­urday held by Northwood Uni­versity.

Despite limited practice in some events, the team earned several awards in the small tour­nament, earning awards for per­for­mances in total as well as indi­vidual events, before shifting its focus to the national com­pe­tition.

Sophomore Nathaniel Turtel was named second overall speaker, after com­peting alongside junior Nathan Stein­meyer and taking first in Duo Inter­pre­tation. The event, which coach Matthew Warner said the pair was expected to win, involved con­densing a drama into a 10-minute play. Stein­meyer cut down Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame,” and the Hillsdale duo had the best per­for­mance of a small field of stu­dents.

“The only reason I even thought of doing it was that Mr. Warner emailed us asking if we wanted to put one together, as there wasn’t much com­pe­tition,” Turtel said. “We prac­ticed it lit­erally once before the tour­nament.”

Stein­meyer also placed second in Extem­po­ra­neous Speaking and third in Impromptu Speaking.

He is putting together a Prose Oral Inter­pre­tation of Drama, or POI, for the Pi Kappa Delta Com­pre­hensive Tour­nament, which the forensics and debate teams will compete in March 22 – 25 at Boise State Uni­versity.

“I have six pieces I’ll be doing at nationals,” Stein­meyer said. “That’s much much more than usual. I think that most people have two; some people have three. There are some people who have four to get that quadrathlon award.”

He said his goal was to get to nationals as a novice. Besides the three events he did at the last tour­nament and the POI he’s preparing, Stein­meyer will par­tic­ipate in Radio Broad­casting and Con­gres­sional Debate alongside the debate team. He said it is typical for speech stu­dents to assist the debate team at the PKD tour­nament, but the debate team will attend the National Forensics Asso­ci­ation Tour­nament from April 11 – 13.

Hillsdale College is planning to hold novice tour­nament next year. Juniors Steven Custer and Mary Blen­dermann will compete in the Varsity MISL State Cham­pi­onship at Eastern Michigan Uni­versity on March 18.