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The College Repub­licans will still attend the Con­ser­v­ative Political Action Con­ference this year, despite Student Fed par­tially funding its request.

“CPAC is going to happen,” College Repub­licans acting pres­ident junior Madeline Doma­lakes said. “It was stressful, because we took on extra risks that we really didn’t want to take on. They could have tanked the entire trip…but right now we’re treading water.”

Student Fed voted at its Feb. 2 meeting to give the College Repub­licans only $4,000 of the $5,000 it requested. While the $1,000 dif­ference almost made the trip impos­sible, club officers spent 10 hours Sat­urday scram­bling to gather funding, they said, and they scraped together enough to bring 42 stu­dents to CPAC.

“As of Sat­urday morning, we called the trip off mul­tiple times in our own meeting,” Director of Events junior Peyton Bowen said. “It was down to every single dollar that we have to our name.”

Although 56 stu­dents had signed up for the trip orig­i­nally, only 42 are going, after the College Repub­licans raised the price from $205 to $218, Doma­lakes said. It increased the cost to raise more money inde­pen­dently of Student Fed, but PayPal user fees con­sumed most of the extra revenue while turning prospective attendees away.

“It turned a lot of kids away. We couldn’t even fill a full bus,”  Director of Events junior Peyton Bowen said. “We were begging people to come to CPAC.”

The College Repub­licans applied for a $1,000 dis­count on its CPAC tickets, which par­tially prompted Student Fed to approve only $4,000, rep­re­sen­ta­tives said. But the College Repub­licans is still waiting to find out whether or not it will receive the dis­count, which is new this year, Doma­lakes said.

Either way, the College Repub­licans will make the trip happen, Doma­lakes said.

“We’ll figure it out,” she said. “As we have done this entire time, we’ll figure it out. I have absolute trust that, whatever we need to do, we’ll do it.”