At Coney Hut Drive Inn near Jonesville, a perfect summer dining spot waits to serve “Blue Goo” ice cream shakes under a purple-painted awning. The nos­talgia couldn’t get more pic­turesque — or fla­vorful — than that.

Located just six miles from Central Hall, Coney Hut offers a trip into a better time — one when menus included all the staples of a summer diet: fried onion rings, buttery cheese­burgers, and dozens of flavors of milk­shakes and ice cream. With a root beer float in a chilled mug resting on an old-fash­ioned tray outside your window, it’s easy to believe in better (and warmer) times.

For those who are nos­talgic for the joys of summer, the drive-inn stays open even when hidden under snow. A truly frosty root beer float awaits you.