Here’s To You Pub and Grub embodies the char­ac­ter­istic small-town charm found among busi­nesses in downtown Hillsdale. The dim lights illu­minate a coun­tertop tiled with bottle caps and a chalk­board, listing in bright colors the bar’s beers and ABV. Though the bar is tucked into a tight space on North Street., P and G — as it is affec­tion­ately called — has space for crowds in its upper room. Vis­iting P and G with an empty stomach and an open mind can lead to incredible dis­cov­eries, as the bar fea­tures many craft beers unique to the Hillsdale area. If you choose a beer with a high ABV, fear not: P and G offers one-of-a-kind pub food, including the ever-popular deep-fried mac­aroni and cheese. So, the next time you need a drink, steer clear of bars only serving the classics, and visit an original: Hillsdale’s Best Bar, P and G.