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National Harbor, Md. — Shortly after alt-right leader Richard Spencer entered the con­vention hall at the Con­ser­v­ative Political Action Con­ference, security guards escorted him out of the building.  

CPAC spokesman Ian Walters told National Public Radio that CPAC offi­cials ejected Spencer from the con­ference because he was per­ceived as a dis­ruptive force.

“His views are repugnant and have absolutely nothing to do with con­ser­vatism or what we do here,” he said.

Spencer is the pres­ident of the white-nation­alist think tank, The National Policy Institute, and the self-pro­claimed voice of the alt-right, a political and ide­o­logical faction that believes the United States is a country reserved for white, Anglo-Saxon Protes­tants.

Once he had been ejected, Spencer took to Twitter outside of the con­vention center to dis­parage those within:

He also tweeted about Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn, saying that he was a “nice gen­tleman” but that his approach was insuf­fi­cient because “we live in rev­o­lu­tionary times.”

Spencer said in an email later that these tweets refer to how he believes that in the long run, his movement will win “the battle of ideas — the battle for culture and civ­i­lization.”

Spencer also said he thinks CPAC offi­cials removed him from the con­ference without due cause.

“A major event like CPAC should be open to sharing ideas and debating one’s oppo­nents in a civ­i­lized way,” he said. “Indeed, I pur­chased a ticket and acted in a polite and cour­teous manner, and many jour­nalists and attendees alike were inter­ested in my ideas. Those who ini­tiated my expulsion had the perfect oppor­tunity to chal­lenge those ideas but chose to ban them instead.”

Spencer’s expulsion comes just days after CPAC offi­cials dis­in­vited keynote speaker Milo Yiannopoulos fol­lowing the uncovery of videos in which the former Bre­itbart jour­nalist defended pedophilia. Spencer and Yiannopoulos have both been called spokesmen for the alt-right.

Spencer said he dis­likes this com­parison, because he believes it marks a mis­un­der­standing of how much more radical his views are in com­parison to those of  Yiannopoulos. He also said he thinks Yiannopoulos only used the alt-right as a self-pro­motion tool.

“Milo was skilled at bat­tling this liberal estab­lishment and the self-described left but rep­re­sented nothing outside of his brand,” Spencer said. “A much watered-down version of alt right — alt-light — was a band­wagon useful for his pub­licity at that time.”

CPAC veteran and junior Noah Weinrich said Spencer’s notion of pro­tecting American culture is deeply racist, only similar to con­ser­v­ative values on its face. According to Weinrich, the alt-right believes any group outside of their imagined American tra­dition — Muslims, Jews, His­panics — threatens the integrity of American culture.

“It rejects lib­er­alism or abstract philo­sophical talk of rights or gov­ernment,” he said. “But Spencer grafts on his ideas of race and eth­nicity and takes it to the highest degree.”

  • Rascal

    You are wrong. This is pretty much a fight for the sur­vival of Western civ­i­lization and my people. For example, pro­gres­sives, and com­mu­nists couldn’t win in tra­di­tional America, so what do they do? They import a com­pletely new voting base through third world immi­gration.

    Pro­gres­sives practice ingroup groups pref­erence in media and academia and they support their various client group to do the same. They fund their own ini­tia­tives while defunding their enemies. The ignore federal laws where it suits them (immigration/2nd amend), and crack down hard when it does (gay mar­riage).

    This is a street fight and the enemies of con­ser­v­a­tives long ago decided that there are no rules. If con­ser­v­a­tives want to play some moral high ground game where you are always the “gra­cious loser” go ahead, but I am opting out.

  • Gern

    You exactly made my point.

    The Alt-Right is a media cre­ation and you got sucked in.

    The founding fathers were a bunch of crim­inals who com­mitted genocide. The genocide that should be com­mitted is anyone with European or Cau­casian descent.

    I would say see you in hell, but we’re already here and if I see you I’d probably do the world a favor and kill you.

  • Gern

    Easy to say things like that from your mothers basement while mas­tur­bating to images of Putin pissing on Trump.

    The Alt right is a media cre­ation and you idiots bought into it. Do you think there will be any­thing to trickle down to you when the elite take over? Make no mistake about it, the leaders of the Alt right are taking money from the same folks doling cash to the left. I can’t believe that people are so stupid that they can’t see that left-right is a fiction created for social control.

  • Gern

    I don’t think you’ve ever read a history book. Who attacked who? Handful of bar­baric savages? You really don’t like to use your brain do you? Maybe that’s the kind of Huckabee history comics you read, but then there’s reality. The natives were quite “civ­i­lized” when we arrived and brought them lies, death, and disease, just to name a few. Eating each other? Really? Because there’s much more can­ni­balism his­tor­i­cally in Europe.

  • Gern

    Social Dar­winism? It’s been debunked for decades. It’s created by the elite as an excuse to not care about anyone but them­selves.

  • Gern

    Alt right and logic in the same sen­tence? How funny. Alt Right is an emo­tional response to manip­u­lation.

    • Joe Johnson

      Pointing out double stan­dards isn’t “emo­tional,” it’s logic. Why do Jews cry about Trump building a wall and banning Muslims but say nothing when Israel does it?

      • Gern

        No, pointing out double stan­dards is not emo­tional, but that is irrel­evant to my statement that the Alt Right, and not only the Alt Right for that matter, but the neolib and other fac­tions, are all care­fully crafted to elicit par­ticular emo­tional responses from par­ticular per­son­ality types.

        • Gern

          As Repub­lican Joe Johnson quietly retreats with his tail between his legs.

  • The­Cure­ToEnd­Fool­ishmess

    Which section of the response is wrong? I directed the reply to the portion beginning …”[W]hites are not bound…” If the Euro­peans are not bound by kinship or trib­alism, what binds them? I will give you two examples of what they are not bound by- (1) religion and (2), wealth. I will give you three reasons people stick together or migrate to the same area: (1) eth­nicity, (2) region of origin and (3) clan/­dy­nasty/band/­house-which are all other names for tribe.

  • The­Cure­ToEnd­Fool­ishmess

    Without NYC, NYS would be Alaska. Without NYC, Maryland, Conn, NH, DC, Wash­ington, Mass, Col, Hawaii, Delaware, NJ, America would be Mexico. Your comment rates a -9. There is hope for you yet.

    P.S. Show some appre­ci­ation for those of us who foot the bills for you and your ilk.

    • Rascal

      America would not be Mexico with a 65% European American pop­u­lation. Cal­i­fornia is ‘unique’ because it is already minority White, and falling fast. Seri­ously, it would be a few epi­centers of wealth sur­rounded by third world barrios. Every White person with a brain would leave, and it would look like Brazil within 5 years demo­graph­i­cally, and more than likely eco­nom­i­cally.

      The only hope it would have would be if the Chinese took over.

  • Gern

    Wow, what a bunch of absolute non­sense. Did you learn that at Grand Canyon uni­versity?

  • bellfri

    Hummmm.… Inter­esting. But, FYI, I have two cats. Frisky and Bella. Have fun fig­uring it out. No charge.