Are you hes­itant to ask out that cute girl you’ve been googly-eyeing in Bio? Is the weight of student loans and club dues bearing down on you? Are you worried that a nice date will break the bank, but a cheap date will make you look… well… cheap?

Fear not, casanova. Here are five fab­ulous date ideas that won’t leave your wallet empty and just might help you get your sweet­heart. This Valentine’s day, you don’t have to break hearts or the bank. Just try one of these cute, enjoyable dates. Best of luck!

1. Borrow a puppy

Courtesy Wiki­media Commons

Who doesn’t love puppies? This Valentine’s Day, the Humane Society of Hillsdale will deliver a pre­cious puppy or kitten to your special someone for a half an hour of pure joy. Sign up in the Student Union.

Price: $15 per half an hour

2. Go to a movie theater (or make your own)

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Movie dates are classic, and on Tuesdays (like Valentine’s Day) get your tickets for just $5 a piece at Hillsdale’s Pre­miere Theatre (2950 W. Car­leton Road). Show­times can be found here.

Price: about $15 for two tickets and snacks

Don’t have a ride to the theater? Watch a movie using the pro­jectors in the class­rooms of Lane and Kendall. Pop some popcorn and binge-watch your date’s favorite show on Netflix.

Price: Netflix sub­scrip­tions start at $8 per month, plus price of snacks

3. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes at the Palace

Alexis Nester | Col­legian

Treat your sweetie to some­thing sweet: Velvety pan­cakes from The Palace Cafe (38 N. Howell) are all you need. The pancake is larger than the plate! Mouth­wa­tering cin­namon roll pan­cakes far exceed a basic box of choco­lates.

Price: about $10 for two pan­cakes, drinks, and tip

4. Romantic Stroll through the Arb

Chandler Lasch | Col­legian

You might have to don the rain boots and coat for this one, but it’s worth it. What’s more romantic than gazing out at the waterfall from a gazebo in the Arboretum? Pack a little picnic or just roam through the trees and enjoy each other’s company. The forecast calls for an overcast sky 51 degrees and only a 30% chance of rain at 3:00 pm.

Price: free!

5. Take a trip to Walmart

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A trip to Walmart proves to be an event in and of itself. But alas, it does not make for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Don’t take your date to Walmart. Instead, go pick up ingre­dients to make a nice, homemade, not-dining hall dinner for that special someone. Roll up the sleeves, text mom for grandma’s spaghetti sauce recipe, and get to work! Here’s a spaghetti recipe that tastes like a million dollars, but won’t cost much to make.

Price: depends on what you choose to make, but ingre­dients for a nice spaghetti dinner are likely less than $20

Hope­fully, you’re now less fearful and more excited about Valentine’s Day. These few fun dates will leave you with full pockets after an enjoyable time with the person you care about the most.