Despite the snow and ice that covered the Midwest just as the Fall semester came to a close, Hillsdale students rushed away from school and responsibilities in search for rest and relaxation following finals.

Winter break often serves as the perfect “break” for students: no hanging assignments, a little too short to hold a stable job or internship, and the perfect time to spend the holiday season with family and friends.

Some students found the courage to not press “continue watching” on Netflix and got out of bed to explore with their extra free time.

Rachel Reynolds and Emily Rinaldi traveled to Israel …

Rachael Reynolds | Courtesy

Seniors Rachael Reynolds and Emily Rinaldi explored on Mount Precipice in Galilee, Israel as part of a 10-day trip to Israel with Passages. They were accompanied by 41 other Hillsdale students and two professors.

The Hillsdale Swim Team trained in Florida …

Peyton Bowen | Courtesy

Two weeks of break were followed by two weeks of training for The Hillsdale College Swim Team who traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for their annual training trip before returning to Hillsdale.  

Danae Sollie went ice-climbing …

Danae Sollie | Courtesy

The warm sun of Florida didn’t quite hit the arctic of Minnesota where freshman Danae Sollie climbed ice sculptures in the frigid temperatures.

Ben Dietderich payed his respects to Hayek …

Ben Dietderich | Courtesy

Freshman Ben Dietderich lived Austria for 13 years prior to coming to Hillsdale to study. Upon his return for a visit, he discovered that Austrian Economist Friedrich Hayek was buried not too far from where he lived in Austria.

Claire Hughes traveled to D.C. for WHIP …

Claire Hughes | Courtesy

However not all roads lead back to Hillsdale, Michigan. Junior Claire Hughes ended her winter break settling into Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center in Washington, D.C where she will remain for the semester, interning with the House Judiciary Committee.