So you’re here at Hillsdale in the deep dark months of winter with nothing to do but study Plato and hope that there is some­thing more than alle­gories and caves and forms. You want some­thing real out of life. You want to expe­rience some­thing more than reading and stress. You want to eat.

Unfor­tu­nately, fixing a meal for 1,400 stu­dents is no easy task and requires a certain extent of reg­u­larity (read: blandness). We love ‘em for what they do, but after months of chicken, pork, or fish, you may be ready to try your hand at hacking your snacks.

Here are just a few ways to spice up your routine at the ‘Bone’:

1. Add seasoning

Above the glass shelf at the Forno station, you can find oregano, red pepper, and parmesan. There is also a whole rack of sauces by Passport. These simple spices can really turn a pizza into a pos­itive dining expe­rience.

2. Spruce up your drink game with lemons

Lemons change the whole flavor profile of whatever you put them on. Try Coca-Cola with lemon and you’ll never want to go back!

3.  Don’t ignore the bananas

Bananas can make your ice cream a real treat, and banana splits are a Wednesday night tra­dition for some reason. Split them by peeling them open and poking your finger into the middle. This will sep­arate the banana into thirds. Add ice cream. You know the rest.

4. Make your own chocolate shell

Start with chocolate from the sundae bar. Add a packet of butter from the toaster station. Microwave for about 30 seconds.

Stir in a peanut butter packet (also by the toaster).

Then dump that on your ice cream. It looks good and tastes even better! The butter and peanut butter keeps it from getting too hard, but it really does make a shell! Exper­iment with other top­pings as well.

5. Make a coffee shake

Get about a third of a cup of coffee. Try for the strongest stuff pos­sible, even if it means ignoring the signs. We’re talking espresso-style punch here! This one is weak- ideally, the bottom of the cup is not visible.

Then add ice cream till almost full, but not too full or you’ll spill all over yourself and everyone will laugh at you. (No, you stop crying!)

Add chocolate syrup if you want! Stir care­fully yet vig­or­ously until smooth…

…or some­thing. This one turned out a little soupy and not blended as well as it could be, but it tastes almost as good.

6. Make your own mocha

Mix coffee and hot chocolate 1:1 to create a creamy, choco­latey, caf­feinated drink.

7. Make Rice Krispie Treats

Warning: these treats are legit. Make them at your own gain. Also imagine that Gordon Ramsay is cooking these on TV. Take a handful of marsh­mallows and put them in your bowl. Add butter. Microwave for half a minute.

Stir in your cracked rice grains gently. After stirring, wait a few minutes for it to settle. Deli­cious! Thanks, Gordon!

These are just seven of all the pos­sible “snack hacks” you can create with other foods! Have fun mixing, matching, and eating whatever you think of (unless it’s really bad– then give it to your friends).