Hillsdale alumna Emily Oren, nine-time NCAA division II national champion, earned a running spon­sorship with Oiselle. (Photo: Oiselle / Courtesy)

Less than a year after the end of her suc­cessful col­le­giate running career, Emily Oren ‘16 has earned her first pro­fes­sional spon­sorship. 

The nine-time NCAA division II national champion signed with women’s active-wear company Oiselle in December, offi­cially becoming a member of its team on Jan. 1. Oren is the third Hillsdale runner to be spon­sored in recent history, with alumna Amanda Eccleston ‘13 being spon­sored by Brooks running wear and alumna Kayla Caldwell ‘13 being spon­sored by pole vault company Ust Essx. 

Oren said she is excited about the spon­sorship and that earning it has done a lot to val­idate her decision to run post-col­le­giately.

“To be spon­sored by a company like Oiselle that seeks to empower women is great,” Oren said. “I’m happy to have some­thing to help me through this next stage of my running career and help me take off.”

As a part of her spon­sorship, Oiselle will send Oren clothes to train and race in, as well as pay for her to travel to and enter meets. In return, Oren will wear Oiselle gear exclu­sively during com­pe­tition and training, give feedback on the clothes they send her, and will promote the brand on social media.

“I get a lot of free clothes, which is awesome,” she said. “It’s just women’s active wear, which is kinda nice, because then I can wear any shoes I want.”

Oren doesn’t receive any stipends from the company and plans to con­tinue working in the college’s admis­sions office for the time being, but said her ultimate goal is to be able to support herself com­pletely through running.

Another part of Oren’s spon­sorship is her inclusion in the company’s Haute Volée Team, which includes up-and-coming female runners from throughout the country. Oren said she hasn’t spoken at length with any of her new team­mates yet, but said she’s raced against a lot of them over the past couple of years.

Oren said her goal this season is to make the US Indoor Track and Field Cham­pi­onship in the 3K. And she doesn’t only want to make it to the meet, she wants to make it to the final in her race.

“I feel like I need to compete against these women who I’ve idolized,” Oren said.

Oren will open up her indoor season with a mile this Friday at the Glad­stein Invi­ta­tional in Bloom­ington, Indiana.